The Becoming Nature Podcast

Welcome to the Becoming Nature podcast.

It is here to encourage you to come closer to nature.

The wonderful guests I talk to inspire and motivate in exciting ways to inspire us all to live more sustainably, connected to the Earth beneath your feet!

They show you what choices you can make in your own life to leave a gentle footprint on the planet.

Check out each episode below.


Episode 1 - A Plastic Planet with Frederikke Madnussen

In the first exciting episode of Becoming Nature, I chat to Frederikke Magnussen, co-founder of A Plastic Planet. We get together and chat all about single use plastic and the facts behind it, as well as how we can put pressure on to help climate change, and how we can turn off the tap.


Episode 2 - 6 Plastic Free Solutions for Your Everyday Life

In this mini episode of the podcast, I talk about various different swaps that you can make to go from plastic, to plastic free. Some may even save you money, bonus! It might not be full zero waste, but it is a good place to start, inspiring you to do even more to limit your waste.

Clare Dubois Founder of Treesisters.jpg

Episode 3 - Trees and Reforestation with Clare Dubois

In this podcast I interview Clare Dubois, Founder and CEO of Tree Sisters. We chat about why trees and reforestation are so important, and what we can do if we want to make local changes. We also discuss reconnecting to our inner nature and coming together as a tribe.


Episode 4 – Coming of age with Stephen Jenkinson

This week I chat to Stephen Jenkinson, a teacher, activist, author and farmer. After talking to him, I felt changed! We chat about elderhood and the disappearance of elders in society, as well as wisdom and what it is to be ‘wise’, and his work with people who are facing death.


Episode 5 - Move Like Water with Easkey Britton

In this episode of Becoming Nature I talk to Easkey Britton, a scientist, academic and social activist. Easkey has a PhD in Environment and Society. We talk about water, the ocean and creating change through reconnecting to nature.


Episode 6 – Going Zero Waste, with Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home is my guest this week. We talk about what zero waste actually means, as well as how to apply it and why what we do as consumers actually matters. She shares her words of wisdom and is very inspirational.


Episode 7 – Wild Power, with Alexandra Pope

The guest on today’s podcast is Alexandra Pope, co-founder of This is an episode for anyone interested in learning more about the menstrual cycle; we chat about why it is our alley. The power, the depth, the wild.


Episode 8 – Being Wild and Alone, with Callie North

In this podcast episode I chat to Callie North, a folk herbalist and lover of the outdoors who has featured on Alone on the History Channel. We talk about her 72 days alone in the wild and the practical and down to earth ways of connecting to the planet and why it is so important.


Episode 9 – Holistic Survival with Luke McLaughlin

Here I chat to Luke McLaughlin, the founder of Holistic Survival School. We have a great talk about earth-based skills and survival in a modern world, as well as what it means to live close to the nature of being human.


Episode 10 – Sacred Ceremony with Sandra Ingerman

In this episode of the Becoming Nature podcast I chat to Sandra Ingerman, a world renowned teacher of shamanism. We talk about what we understand when we talk about ceremony, as well as how we bring this work to our children and why it is so important to include them.