To feel content - do you?

Over 4 years ago I read Sarah Napthali's book "Buddhism for mothers of young children".  It is a great book, it brought understandable language to a profound practice and the ups and downs of being a mom. It resonated with me then and still very much does. 

Nearly every class I teach hears about the book and I usually read this passage to them. This is my favorite little snippet. 

It touched me deeply. Reflections arose about; What am I running towards and why? 

It wasn't about killing my desires and drive, but waking up to why they were important and seeing all that I had right here in front of me. Something I remind myself of often. I have so much.  It came back to my fascination of the ordinary and what really makes us feel happy and content, for em it has never been determined my the sensational events in my life. 

Check out the book she is amazing. 

I would love to hear a quote that moves you, please share in the comments below.