So long 2010 - with a big juicy smile...

My very very first ever blog post. I have been very certain of the fact that I never wanted one. For many reasons, but I guess I never liked being too exposed. With that being said, more likely it is the fear of putting myself out there for other people to judge. But what the hell they  do it anyway, and if for no one else, this blog is my way of writing down some thoughts. So to those of you willing to read some of  it - I thank you. Going through the last year I was amazed of how much has happened. I found myself wondering hard if I during the last year, ever stopped a minute to be grateful... Well I am now and there are a lot of things to add to the list.

Thanks to twitter I found Sarah Prout who launched the eCourse AIM2011. Just being asked to write down what I am grateful for, I have felt so much lighter and happy. So for that I am grateful. Lilli (my daughter) is growing fast and I feel so lucky having her in my life. From being scared to be a parent and feeling lost in the strange mix of total anxiety of losing her and being extremely tired - I have fallen in love with the little girl. And it keeps growing. Along with her I have a wonderful man in my life. He has supported me in starting my own business in 2010, and takes the my nagging with patience... Bless him. We have no money and live crowded but we are happy together - what more can you ask for? Well a new bed maybe...

I have a ton of the best siblings and mother you could ask for and I'm very proud of every one of them. I cannot imagine not being a part of a big family with all the arguments, hugs and laughs that go with it. They have done great things in 2010, and I am thrilled that they all have talents and the courage to follow their dreams.

I have my business which I love. It's weird to call it my business as it is my way of life. It is what I truely love to do and I take my own pratice very seriously. I work with wonderful people who come to my courses to learn meditation and mindfulness. I am humbled by the people who chose to devote 8 weeks to do inner work and do something amazing for themselves. They are the stars and if there wasn't people with that kind of courage - I couldn't do what I do. The business has nothing to do with me, it's all about them. So thank you ladies.

So with the hope of having more juicy kisses and hugs from the little one I welcome 2011 with a lot of love and gratitude.

A big thanks to Nikole for spending the time to help me with the blog!