My 2015 List O'mania

How I entered 2015... (It's a chili, not a... ) 

How I entered 2015... (It's a chili, not a... ) 


I love lists, it’s fun, get my act together lists, shopping and reflections. And ending my year with a list is what I feel called to do. 

Tv-series: Transparent. I love this series, it’s raw, funny, tests our sexual boundaries and stigmas. I have watched a shit load of series this year. We don’t have a TV package or channels, so we choose what we want to watch. Quality and quantity... I also really liked, Penny Dreadful, 

Highlight: Family. I have spent years checking out if the grass really is greener on the other side, searching for my purpose -  what I wanted to do. But Welcoming Eivy into the world, also brought me to a deeper devotion to this family life. It can be a no no to talk openly about the ambivalent feelings of motherhood, but they are there, have been stronger and this year I feel myself settling into it more. It is a transition.

Movie: I am a sucker for late 80’s early 90’s action movies, seriously I could watch Die Hard a few times a year and still feel entertained. A movie I really enjoyed this year was Life of Pi. But laughed hard when I watched The Neighbors… (yes I know…) Watched the latest movie about the Yes Men and other really awesome documentaries. But not overly intellectual. 

Learning: I stress and act out of panic too often. Which is why Focus is my word for 2016. 

Body: Well…

Party: As I was pregnant for most of 2015 I haven’t partied a lot but I have been to a few birthdays that were fun. Ok, I will go with no, on this one, I have enjoyed chill out time this year. 

Pet peeve: People who ask for medical (urgent) advice on Facebook… Also not big on the word juicy when referring to content. 

Illness’: This has been the year of vomit for the entire family, I would like to kindly ask that 2016 - not so much. Thank you. 

Celebration: I leave 2015 a lot more content, happy and hopeful than I entered it. This is huge, my inner angry ass woman seems to have mellowed a little. 

Online: Met some amazing women in circles and courses and so pleased I have. This Online thing can actually bring true connection. Also the retreat where I danced for a weekend - I want more of that come 2016. 

Off-line: My road trip to Sweden with Lilli, we both needed that alone time. 

Fear: That I would never lift up from what has felt like another rock bottom at times. I can say it has, I have lifted. And also know that there can be many rock bottoms in life. 

Laugh: The instagram #whymychildiscrying 


This video…

Drink: herbal nettle tea and am looking forward to my first Mojito on new years. 

Love: Seeing my 3 girls all together for the first time. It was amazing and a laugh that Nola found the baby totally overrated when she noticed her belly button - why does she have a snail #gross

Body vol. 2: ok actually I grew a person inside my body this year, and that is pretty wild. I am amazed what the body can do and heal, even though I haven’t been digging the look of it. Also I get body love and worked with it myself. But every change is a new thing to embrace, and my body has changed a lot after having 3 kids.