Nature, Creativity and Leadership

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A weekend for the senses, the body and the mind – empowering you to tap into the wisdom of nature in all walks of life  

Join us for a weekend dedicated to women who desire a new way of coming to life and showing up - in the workplace, at home and in their life. 


This weekend is dedicated to diving deep into the wisdom of nature applied to leadership, work lifeand lifestyle. We all hear about creativity and innovation non-stop, of new resilient and agile organizations – but what does that mean for the individual? How do you tap into ways that fill you up and nourishes you with respect for the cycles and seasons of life? How can you help blaze the trails to a new regenerative way? 


What is the new way life-affirming way of leading organizations, teams and projects? What can presence, stillnessand a close connection to your nature within and around you teach you about your essence and creative life-force? How can the wild at our feet be a masterful teacher, partner and source of inspiration in your everyday life? Nature lends her wisdom to all these questions and this is what we will uncover. 


Over the weekend we will explore how having a deeper relationship to nature can support you to show upwith presence and authenticity and how you can design your workday, meetings and approach to innovation processes in a way that feels creative and rich? HOW WE ACCESS AND CONNECT TO IT WILL BE A PART OF THE PRACTICE DURING THE RETREAT.

We will provide tools, business cases, personal stories, exercises and wisdom for the logical mind as well as guiding participants through an embodied experience sensing into the wisdom and intelligence of nature. 


Some of the questions we will address:   

  • How can you in the workplace combine the wisdom of nature’s cycles, principles and rhythms to tap into a hidden potential, get inspiration for workflow, team-work, processes and design? 

  • How do you dance between the logic of the left brain hemisphere and the creative powers of the right brain hemisphere? 

  • How can you show up in a powerful way deeply rooted in your true essence? A way that restores and regenerates instead of exploit and diminish?  

  • What are the new paradigm-shifting regenerative business models that respects our precious eco-systems while also catering to the well-being of employees and partners? 

This weekend is designed to inspire you and infuse you with the tools you need to pave the ways in the workplace towards a new way of embracing the nature within and around in the workplace.    


WHEN: May 24th - May 26th, Friday 4 pm – Sunday 4 pm 

WHERE: The Forest


  • You arrive between 2:30pm-3.30pm on the Friday

 You bring:

  • a tent and all the gear you need to sleep comfortably outside 

  • Warm clothes that can ensure you’re warm for an entire weekend outside (we may be inside from time to time – but bring enough warm layers to keep you warm outside for longer periods) 

  • A pen

  • A journal 

  • A water bottle

  • Thermos cup

TO SIGN UP: please contact or

Who are we?

The weekend will be taught in a powerful collaboration between Carina Lyall and Laura Storm 


Carina Lyall: 


For the past 10 years Carina has guided women to come closer to nature, their inner and outer wild. She is passionate about working with local and native plants and wildlife, bringing a deeper understanding of the eco-system where we live.

Carina has a popular podcast called ‘Becoming Nature’ where she interviews peers from around the World, on sustainability, the wild, skill building and climate issues. She offers year long mentorships for people who want to build knowledge about and skills to work with the land. 

She was born in Northern Canada with deep roots with the indigenous people. She now lives with her family of 5 in the woods. They strive to live off the land with their Permaculture and forest garden. 


Laura Storm 

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Laura has spent her entire career working in the intersection between business, leadership, sustainability, climate change policy and innovation leading and creating impact- and purpose-driven organizations, conferences, campaigns and movements. 

Currently she dedicates all her work to Regenerators that she started in February 2018 and is getting ready to launch her book on Regenerative Leadership in June 2019 with her colleague and leadership expert Giles Hutchins. 


For her work, she has been awarded the title World changer by Greenbiz and is selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. She serves on multiple Boards – including the Danish Design Council, World Economic Forums Expert Network on sustainable development and climate change. She holds a Master in Political Communication and Leadership, with special focus on sustainability leadership, Copenhagen Business School.