Creating ease

Sleeping Beauty, the caffeine addict...

In the past year sleep has been a luxury and not a given, as our youngest apparently feels that sleep is overrated. I have inhaled coffee as the only way to keep me standing upright. During this time I have been more stressed and moody. And I haven't been getting as much out into the world as I wanted to. By habit doing nothing didn't seem like the best cure for the above. Thursday my partner told me to go away for 3 days, sleep, relax and do what I felt was most called for - wow, uhmmmm are you sure, really, ok see you Sunday. I am lucky in the man department I must say.

Out the door I went and took the train to my sisters. Of course I took some work with me thinking this time away would be productive... HA!

I am tired.

At my sisters I had a cup of coffee and didn't really like the brew she was cooking up, so I drank some tea instead. I left the coffee for the next 3 days. This being the first break from the black liquid in over a year. Friday morning I was so tired all I could do was lay on the couch - I stayed there until Saturday midday only to return a few hours later.

I couldn't believe how tired I was and being honest with myself I knew I had been for a really long time. Work, kids, life, habit got to me and I didn't really "hear" the need for more sleep.

Sleeoing beauty the caffeine addict

I normally listen to my body and respect my limits. I also know that I love cuddling up in the evenings a little late, I don't like sleeping during the day and I have so many ideas and love my work that it is hard for me to leave it be.

I am however even more aware that to keep it all up I need to respect my bodies limits and not drown it in caffeine. In the end it wasn't offering a positive contribution to my life.

And as I dive into the material for the upcoming HEAR*SEE*HOLD course I deepen that listening. As with most areas of self and life there is always more to be discovered. The coffee overpowered what my body needed, and in my case boy did I need to sleep, relaxation and to do absolutely nothing.

I came back with a few lessons learned:

1. I don't like filtered coffee

2. Sleeping on a couch for 24 hours ain't too good on the back

3. That I too have blind spots

4. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away

5. zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz

Hey fatso... you are looking good


Well I guess this a more iffy subject for me. So I will dive into it a little gently.

The foundation of my work is that you belong here exactly as you are. There is no perfect ideal to strive for. You have an enormous amount of wisdom in you and maybe it takes slowing down to listen to that. I wish that this could be the way we all step into our lives. This is not to say that we can't shift, unfold, evolve. I am exploring the starting point and the tendency to feel wrong, to feel that we only deserve a place when we fit and mold ourselves into a certain standard - however we define what that looks like.

I know that for me not owning that statement has been exhausting. In motherhood I read books, looked at women who wizzed through the challenging parts and I felt like a constant failure. The art of comparison once again left me feeling less worthy. The foundation of being wrong or less than, isn't a nice place to be and very very seldom leads to a life with happiness and ease.

I will be digging deeper into that statement in further posts... for now a story of how I was challenged recently.

I was out for drinks with my two sisters. We had a great time and we decided to end the good times with a burger. Now it is no secret that I have put on weight after the 2 pregnancies and what not, but burger it was - YOLO or something.

In the cue some guys felt that we had cut in line, and looked at me and said that I probably shouldn't be in there anyway considering my weight. Well tears galore and I felt shitty. Reduced to an unworthy lump of Blubber (did you every read Judy Blume's book? It's awesome... anyway).

Fastforward 2 weeks and my man and I are away for the weekend for a music festival. As I am coming out of the toilet area a woman stops me. She is a scout for a model agency and thinks I would be an awesome model for the normal size/curve department... huh...

So which "truth" do I go with? A third - my own? How I see myself? How I feel about myself? Or do I let either of their perspectives rule and dictate wether I feel worthy just as I am? Do I wait till I have xx weight to go out again or do I pout my lips and work it like a supermodel? The "you belong here, exactly as you are" reminds me that none of the above is my truth. It is their eyes looking at me. What matters is how I look at me. And this has been such an awesome reminder.

This is what we can work on - how you see you. And knowing that you belong here, you already are. <3

What is Self-compassion?

Great question!

Baby Self Love

Some days I feels very unclear and I am judging myself a lot. Other days it feels very clear, and I do not beat myself up.

I believe in exploring, rather than giving answers (to some questions anyway) and I want you to feel into what self-compassion means and feels to you.

When you read the word self-compassion what comes up for you?

But, because it can be helpful to have an wise woman's word I would like to offer Kristin Neff’s thoughts on Self-Compassion. I am truly inspired by her and her work and can highly recommend her book. 

She writes that self-compassion consists of 3 elements: Self-Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness. I feel they interweave, but that the first step is awareness. This brings us to know, and to the only moment we can move forward from.

Practice for this coming week

First step is really to become aware. Checking in and getting intimate with what is. An inner weather report if you will. So I'd like to introduce the short check-in.

Whenever you sit in the car, leave the house, go to the restroom or remember, do the following:

  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths
  • Connect to whatever is going on right now, thoughts, kids screaming, lists and to do’s etc. As best you can without judging or hurrying to change it, just noticing.
  • Sense the body, feet, buttocks, back, hands, head
  • Not changing anything just noticing.
  • When you feel ready open your eyes and continue your day

Do this as many times a day as you feel called to. What do you notice when you check in? Write a few words down in your journal or share in the comments below.

With love



I just sold my company Mindful Ground. This means I can dedicate my full energy to the work that means so much to me - supporting mothers and being a mom. This also means a more consistent presence here on the blog - I am so excited. I have decided to dedicate Mondays to reflections and practices. Each Monday I will be sharing one or the other on the blog. For me it sets the stage for the week to come and even if I only ever touch on the theme that Monday it still has an flows through me throughout my day and sometimes the entire week.

Freedom - mother love

I tend to get lost in all the offers of amazing courses out there. I sign up only to (once again) realize that I am not superwoman, I do not have 10 days a week, I do not have 8 arms or that much energy past 9pm (really it is probably more like 7pm... but who's checking). I am a mom of two kids and that means less time to me and at times also a shorter attention span.

Knowing that and respecting it, all reflections and practices offered here will be short, sweet and doable.

Having studied and worked with meditation for years, I found that after I became a mom the intense and longer practices wouldn't fit into my life to the same extent. For some they feel that the quality of their practice is poorer. This isn't necessarily true. In the work I do I want there to be that understanding - what ever offered it has to be able to integrate into life with kids. All of this to unfold more and more over the coming weeks and months.

During the week I will blog when inspired, but I hope you check in on Mondays, the next many posts are ready to be shared.

A short reflection... 

How could you take a little time to yourself this coming week? It doesn't have to be a lot. A 10 min. break, a walk, a cup of tea, a few yoga poses, closing your eyes and feeling the air against your skin. How does it feel to consciously choose to prioritize YOU?

(Don't beat yourself up if you don't create space this week, allow this reflection or practice to unfold when the time is right).

See you next Monday

With love Carina

I'm out...

  So it's my 4 year birthday around this time,  I have been "in business" for 4 years. A lot of soul searching, mistake making and even more confusion has gone through the system.

When  I started out I liked creating, loved it actually. Writing, messing around with pictures and colors and getting it right... for me, reading comments and interacting with those who dropped by.

However, ever since I started out as a self-employed woman I have resisted it on some level. I love being my own boss. I love that I can go to work only wearing socks if I wanted to. But as with any uncommon ground (motherhood, new relationship etc) a little uncertainty sets in, and I at least have felt the need to follow the leaders.

I have joined close to every bizz style course you can - that's what you do eh?  It made me feel like I was doing it right, it would be horrible if I was viewed as unprofessional. So I nudged off track a wee bit. I have failed at pretty much every step I have been told to do. All the systems, because it WOULD make me grow - huh. Well it didn't.

Next thing I know I am tweaking my USP (Unique Selling Position) thinking this is pretty boring and not at all getting my heart in it. Then changing all my profile pictures so they were the same - no one likes a slob. Then creating profiles left right and center on social media sites. Next I am choosing a niche. Then I am driving myself to write "awesome" how to blog posts that always sort came out with the same vibe - the "I don't know, what do you feel?" vibe.

Then a business adviser who's last name was Focking (I kid you not) told me stop writing articles and posts in English and focus on the Danish crowd because that's where I live. And I can (and I think I will in posts to come) go on ...

I am fed up, I needed to go back and start again, with a little more knowledge and a lot more money down the drain.

So here's my new site, that has NONE of the above. And I am totally fine with it. I am back to creating, writing, going with the flow of what sits right with me and you reading. With a big happy birthday to the business

I hope you will join me here, the journey and the small acts of creativity, storytelling and honesty.

<3 Carina

From Hidden to Seen - My Struggle with Keeping Myself Small

Guest Post by Daisy Hernandez

"Life is but a dream, said someone once. And I truly believe it. Like a dream, it can end abruptly and all you're left with are the experiences lived." - dh

From Hidden to Seen - My Struggle with Keeping Myself Small

I was once on the other side of that quote. I was on the side of life being somewhat of a nightmare; I had somehow become a bit of a cynic between my teen years and late twenties. But you wouldn't have guessed it by simply looking at me or even talking to me, I've always been somewhat of a 'ray of sunshine'. But when I felt blue, everything I looked at was blue and that ray became but a glimmer.

Instead of lifting myself up, I'd put myself back down. There was a sense of comfort being there, so I stayed there. Plus the company I would keep was no help in changing that, on the contrary.

I got a point where I wanted something different and when depression crossed my mind, I went looking for a counsellor. His words forever changed my world. He said: "You're too much of a giver. And you need to give to yourself first, before you can give to others." Strange, right? In my world it was.


Being Latina, there's a level of respect you must give to elders, a sense of submission to men, and a level of service to everyone else. As women, no matter the family that raised you, this becomes part of your culture and therefore, you.

Though I've always been feisty, trying to abide by such rules was near impossible. Not because I wanted to be disrespectful, but because I felt that any level of respect must be earned, submission should be a choice not a given, and service...well, that I could stand by.

Having been brought up in two different cultures (first years in Latin America, later years in the Great White North), you can guess the confusion inside of me. What I felt I should do vs what I was told to do because of a cultural background. All of this was rooted deep within me without me understanding it fully, it wasn't at a conscious level. But the uneasy feeling was very much there.

My counsellor's words hit me like a bucket of freezing water. And subconsciously, it did something. I began to notice that whenever I felt blue from then on, rather than drown myself in depressive music, I'd do the opposite. I created a playlist labeled "Lift Up" and songs like "Mickey" and "The Look" became part of its repertoire. I'd cut that comfort in half and began to move into a completely different territory.

I began shifting my mindset. I somehow became stronger, I began showing my strength. I saw the many possibilities of being ME and standing up for what I wanted. It was like night and day.

Even my company took at 180 turn. I gave up my relationship with a close relative, ended my relationship with my partner, jumped on a very scary unknown way of life. A new apartment, new possibilities.

What does that have to do with giving? I was giving myself time and space to come back into myself.

I began to learn how to take care of myself, how to help myself feel my best from within and began to feel lighter. No more heavy thinking or carrying the whole world on my shoulders.

It all started with a baby step. Identifying change is possible and putting things in place to help move me forward.

And hey, there are challenging days. It's not all picture perfect, but now I know it's my choice to drown or swim.

My roots will always be a part of me but, just as you can choose what to wear every morning, you can also choose what to carry with you.

I will continue to respect others, serve others, and at times, be submissive...but it's all my choice. Not the choices others want for me.

And I think that's important, to make that distinction between following versus considering.

There's no way I could have ever imagined jumping into an entrepreneurial role, helping other women embrace their uniqueness and guide them toward a lighter way of life that supports their "over the top" goals, with the comfort level I had in keeping myself hidden from the world.

My challenge to you is to identify a baby step you can start taking NOW to move you toward the stronger you that's been hidden.

About Daisy

Daisy HernandezDaisy Hernandez is the creator of Pura Chica Natural, a digital resource dedicated to empowering long-term change by shifting into a cleaner, stronger, more powerful version of yourself - naturally! She offers personal 1:1 sessions in both English & Spanish, self-paced programs such as the Challenge Your Cravings ecourse, and full, fun-loving support to help make that shift happen.

Connect with her on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram (, YouTube (

[Day 28] Tying up loose ends

Mindful living blog challenge

Do you have an endless list of little things that you need to get done? Things that seems less important but still tend to create stress, or maybe comments from your partner (my house :))? Is there a book you want to finish? Is there an email you need to send, but have been putting off doing?

Procrastination sounds a little like an illness - maybe for some it feels like it. Other times the big things get put in line first leaving the little things to pile up and they begin to feel a bigger. Do you know the feeling?

You know that getting them done can leave you feeling so satisfied and peaceful. Not getting it not can foster judgement and a harsh tone towards yourself. This is also a good practice to sort through what you actually can do, and what is out of your limit.

Being mindful can help you out of constant worry and obsession about these kind of things. And today I would like you to look at it two fold.

tying loose ends


1. Are there are any little things, that you have been putting off doing, that you can finish today? How does it feel to tie that end?

2. Is there something that feels unfinished but is out of your "power" to finish? How does that feel? How could you bring in your practice and let it be, even it is just for a moment. Can you create space for yourself? How could you tie that end for yourself?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 24] Pleasure

  What is pleasure to you? Is pleasure a priority in your everyday life? Is hasn't been in mine, life has been very (way too) serious at times and play and pleasure haven't come natural.

Why is pleasure important? Well pleasure is just as much a part of life as pain and suffering. It is shown to release stress and strengthens your immune system. It changes our mood and sensations in the body. Sometimes we just don't have our eyes on it. Pleasure shows up in many different ways and forms. In times of sorrow it may be very subtle other times it run through your whole body.

Spending a little time enjoying pleasure can rejuvenate your system, bring happiness to life and it is there - but how does it show up? Pleasure is an individual experience, such as pain, stress, suffering. So tending to your own experience is important. Do you have a tendency to only note the big events in life? Does as nice view, bath, smell, hug count?

Also here's a link to an inspiring TEDtalk on pleasures of everyday life.

mindful Ground mindful pleasure

How does pleasure show up for you today? What does it feel like?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 19] What's your tone?

  There's no doubt that for a lot of us, our tone towards ourselves isn't always that kind. The inner critic takes handles a lot of the inner dialogue. What it says seems to be VERY individual. Does the tone of your self talk set you free or rob your freedom?

Mindful Communication

A commonly used image is the one of you and a friend, begin talking to a friend and see how long they would stand the tone which you use on yourself. If it kind and gentle it probably makes them feel good, loved and accepted. If it is harsh, well how long would they put up with you talking them that way? How would it make them feel? And even more important why do we feel it is ok to talk to ourselves that way?

Sometimes we may feel that a harsh tone serves us. It is what keeps us motivated to do better - is that true? Maybe it protects you, if you name it first then it won't sting so bad as it does when coming from others. Does putting yourself down actually serve you?

If your tone is kind and loving then how does that support you in life? How does that serve you?

This may be a tender subject for you and please be gentle with yourself. <3

Mindful communication


Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 18] - Slow down

  I am posting a video today with Thich Nhat Hanh. He has written a book about walking meditation and I love this little video. I am sharing it with you as inspiration, but not because you have to do a walking meditation.

Especially listen to what he says about pace. This is not to judge or say that slow is ALWAYS better, just to investigate what slower feels like.


I would really like you to notice your pace during your day.

Walk slower - mindful walking

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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Recommended reading

Mindful Ground meditation

Walking Meditation

By, Thich Nhat Hanh

[Day 12] Are you impatient?

  Mindfulness patience

How often do you say " hurry up", "come on" or think to yourself "I want it to be done NOW"? Or how often does someone else say the above to you? Do you dream of being more patient in your life?

It can be a valuable exercise to stop and reflect on why you feel so busy in everyday life. Is it always necessary? Does impatience set the agenda? Note the answers that emerge.

We experience daily impatience, both our own and others. When the car in front of us is a little too slow, when the light turns green. When the kids aren't listening. When people don't do something the way we want it done etc.

What does impatience feel like? It often holds irritation and criticism and can make ourselves and those around us feel uncomfortable. If you aren't aware of your own impatience, then how does it feel when someone else meets you that way?

Especially when we have decided to create some changes in our lives, and shifts don't happen fast enough we think we've failed, that that method doesn't work and we are on to the next thing. Maybe you've felt impatient during this challenge - come on already get to some good exercises... :)

A ton of questions today, but important ones to look at. Go faster - slow down


Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 11] Do you get enough sleep?

Mindful Challenge - sleep A lot of clients have trouble sleeping and come to me to see if meditation can help them turn off the constant stream of thoughts, worry and speculation that seem to keep them up. Although mindfulness meditation isn't a relaxation practice, it can be a great bonus effect.

A lot of things keep us up at night, but what prevents us from going to bed in the first place? I created this challenge with a smile on my face because my answer would a big fat YES - I stay up way too late!

With two small kiddos and a business I drink too much coffee and stay up late into the night so I can get things done. When my head finally hits my pillow, two girls crawl into our bed and a night of pushing and shoving begins. It's cozy, but not good for resting...

I defniately feel the lack of sleep in my body. And I know that I have to get more rest to be able to function properly. Somehow it's "hard" to tuck myself in at 20.05. Because at night I get to hold hands with my partner and have some time to myself. Do you know the feeling?

Do you get enough sleep? 

Living Mindfully - Day 4 sleep

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 10] Unplug

Unplug  - mindful blog

A few years ago I decided to give up my iPhone because I hoped it would help me unplug. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, texts, emails, calls, we are plugged in a lot. It didn't really help, because even though my phone was gone, I still felt I had to be on call and stay in control of all incoming messages - at all times.

When I worked corporate we had a 24 hour reply policy. Which was fine and in some cases we could wait 3-4 days to give the best respons possible. It doesn't seem to be acceptable anymore. Facebook rats us out. We read a message and it tells the sender that we have seen it. If we don't reply it seems weird and we get follow up messages like "are you there". Have you experienced similar situations? We have to be quick on our feet.

Sometimes I have received a business proposal and answered back the next day only to get a reply saying they found someone else, and there are loads of examples.

For me getting rid of my phone, deleting apps etc. didn't help. I needed to allow myself to go offline and let people know what to expect from me. And I just can't be everywhere, with a quick reply - all of the time. Maybe you don't find it as stressful as I do, which is great. No matter how you feel about being plugged in, I can't wait to hear what being unplugged brings up for you.

Go offline - mindful living

PS. Try to do it during hours where you normally would be on your computer or phone.

Now IN A FEW HOURS write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 7] Enjoy a cup


Mindful Tea drinking

There is no doubt that being TOO busy is an issue in a lot of people's lives - including my own. As for finding time to meditate, well probably you won't the find time, you'll need to take it. Letting mindful living into others parts in important.

For me bringing awareness and mindfulness practice into my daily activities is just as big for me as my formal practice (meditation). If being mindful left me when I leave the cushion, then maybe there wouldn't be that much of a point.

Something I really enjoy doing is setting aside time to drink a cup of tea or coffee and allowing that to be part of my practice that day. Most of us drink tea or coffee (or water etc.) and if you're like me, you "down it" while sitting at the computer, Tv, chatting on the phone or reading.

This is an excellent chance to show up where you are, practice being mindful and enjoying what you are doing - while you are doing it.

Mindful Ground tea meditation

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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Recommended reading

Mindful Living - Mindful Ground

Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

By Mark Williams


[Day 5] with Belinda Pate-Macdonald


Who is in control of your life?

Now, this is a thought-provoking question.  We’ve been told by the media and other people that we need to take control, be in the drivers seat and take charge.  But, there’s a huge difference between making choices in your life based on trying to stay in control, and making inspired decisions based on empowerment and love.

One depicts a struggle, the other an openness and flow.  Control stagnates, flowing creates.

Mindful Ground - control vs. mindfulness

Ideally the answer to this question is “no-one is in control of your life”.  When you align yourself with your heart, to manifest a life you love, it’s really important to understand that Love doesn’t control.

Making a commitment to stay in your heart centre and to respond to life from a connected, universal perspective, aligns you with Divine Grace.  You are then guided by your heart’s truth in any given moment.  You understand that everything you create is connected to the whole and for everyone’s benefit.

This is empowering, inspiring and highly creative.  As you release control, and all the fear that is attached to that, you welcome an even greater vision and wisdom, and truly become the “author of your own life”.

Belinda mindful challenge

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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About Belinda Pate-Macdonald

Belinda HummingbirdBelinda is a consciousness illuminator who helps you breathe Love and renewal into your life.  She is renowned for her gift of seeing your Essence and helping you to connect with your true purpose.

Through her work as a heart-centered speaker, spiritual counselor, healer and writer, Belinda creates deeply healing, sacred spaces that inspire and transform.  Over the years she has helped thousands to discover their own unique and amazing gifts.

Anxiety got me started!


Ahh Day 7 - This blog challenge really doesn't feel like a challenge. Which is awesome - big thanks to Ms. Sisson. Today's question is great - just up my alley.

Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

For years I delt with anxiety. Panic attacks, a constant sense of nervousness in my body, scared of being scared ruled my life. I isolated myself more and more, just from feeling so tired and not knowing how to face people anymore.

Carina Lyall MeditationMy way through those years became my meditation practice. I wasn't enlightened or fell in love with a guru. I just sensed tiny shifts for every time a sat and closed my eyes and let go of control. It wasn't always peace and ease - but more about handling what arose.

I became less scared and reactive, but learned to respond with more clarity. I began to see I had a choice. No matter how I felt, I was in control of the next step.

As for my mindset anxiety has become my "warning signal". I haven't had a full blown attack in years, but when a certain feeling creeps up I know it well, I know that this is when to slow down, take better care of my self, and allow myself to be vulnerable.

Easy - no, necessary - Yes.

Meditation and presence isn't only what happens on a cushion somewhere quiet. I bring it with me. It is how I move through life. It is compassion, care, curiosity, it is being connected to how I feel.

I am still me, I still have triggers and less flattering sides at times, but I am so much more aware of how they effect me, and stop a lot sooner then I did before. It is just so much easier to deal with when I am not on never ending auto-pilot.

So what supports me in business and life (and hey isn't it all just life??) is my meditation practice.

VIND Jon Kabat-Zinns cd

Det er forår. Alt muligt bevæger sig i en spændende retning både privat og hos Mindful Ground. OG der er kommet så mange nye til på facebooksiden, at jeg synes det er tid til en lille konkurrence.

Det du kan vinde er:

(Billedet er godt nok blevet spejlvendt, men håber du kan læse hvad det er alligevel.)

For at være med, skal du blot gå tilbage til facebooksiden og dele denne post.

På onsdag trækker jeg lod blandt de af jer der har delt. Vinderen får direkte besked.

Nyd den fantastisk smukke mandag. :)


2012 farwell, Aufwiedersehn, Adeiu

Det er klassisk at slutte af med en blogpost om det forgangne år. Jeg vil ikke gøre nogen undtagelse. Da det er så populært med år i tal, vil jeg kaste mig ud i at beskrive mit på samme måde.  

Graviditet - 1

Måneder med kvalme: 3 mdr. som det meste af tiden ramte en 10'er på skalaen. Jeg undskylder hermed, hvis jeg nogensinde har tænkt "hvor slemt kan det være...".

Fødsel - 1, fantastisk oplevelse hjemme i stuen. Er så taknemmelig for at man i Danmark helt selv må vælge hvordan rammerne skal være.

Datter - nu 2 stk. Ved godt det ikke er specielt for mig, men er pave stolt i mit stille sind og helt udmyg over hvor heldig jeg er.

VoksenMorMeltdowns - hmm 2 den seneste uge bare. Så dejlige som de er, så er jeg også engang i mellem helt magtesløs, når trætheden rammer hårdt.

Antal fester - 1... Hold da op. Det sættes der hårdt ind på i 2013.

Indkøbte bøger både faglige og skønlitterære: 36... (jeg har et problem)

Antal bøger læst færdigt: 7...

Kæreste der på alle måder gør mig glad: 1 <3

Kursister der har udforsket, udfordret og rørt mig gennem dette år: 32 (foruden jer der har taget introforløb og virksomheder og retreats) Tak til de af jer der har investeret så mange uger i jer selv, og den rejse I har taget.

Ferier: 1. Den første fælles familieferie nogensinde. Lilli taler stadig om den. Helt klart noget jeg ikke har prioriteret højt nok før. At holde HELT fri.

Drømme: ualmindeligt mange, og sådan fortsætter det forhåbentligt.

Vi ses i det nye år. Pas på jer selv og hinanden. Drik rigeligt med vand og brug beskyttelsesbriller, som min mor siger (og skrev til mig i går).





Godt nytår.


Og vinderne blev...

Tusind tak til alle jer der delte en kommentar for at deltage i konkurrence om en Citinside cd. Jeg blev utrolig rørt over mange af de ting I delte, og er taknemmelig for jeres åbenhed. Jeg håber, at de to vindere bliver glade for cd'en, og den kan bidrage med noget i jeres hverdag.

Til I andre så kan i lytte til nogle af numrene kvit og frit via af dette link: Hvis nogle ønsker at læse mere om projektet kan I gå ind på

Til at udvælge brugte jeg en lille nummer generator inde på, så det blev helt fair. Og så (drumroll please)... De to vindere er:

Linda: kommentar nr. 11 og Anja: kommentar nr. 13.

Hvis I vil sende jeres adresser til så får I cd'en med posten.