Living Mindfully Blog Challenge

[Day 30] Thank you

Thank you for being a part of this challenge.

Thank you all for being a part of this challenge. As I have said several times I have loved reading your posts, comments, feedback and thoughts. You are a very wonderful group of people. Please read the email I have sent you all.

I will be sending the winner of the 4 session an email shortly.

I would like if you could write 1 word in the comment box below that sums up this challenge for you? 

In true gratitude <3


[Day 29] Dear me...

Letters Play Important Roles in our Lives

So we are at the day before the end, or the beginning. We started with the question what does being mindful mean to you? What qualities does that bring to your life?

Today I would like you to look at what this focus, this commitment has brought to you this past month. What are you taking with you? What is important for you to remember or remind yourself of further down the line? But not blogging about it for me/us to read (of course you can if you want to share that).

I always do this exercise at the end of a course or a longer 1:1 program. I would like to you to write a letter to future you. Reflect on the questions above. Close your eyes and recall what has touched you, what were you reconnected with, what challenged you, what are you afraid you might forget?

Write a letter with everything you want to tell yourself.

This site is awesome. You write yourself a letter, select a date in the future and it will send it to you. I would advise you to select a date a few months away. Maybe even a year from now. If you now a better site please use that.

Looking forward to sharing one last day with you all.

[Day 28] Tying up loose ends

Mindful living blog challenge

Do you have an endless list of little things that you need to get done? Things that seems less important but still tend to create stress, or maybe comments from your partner (my house :))? Is there a book you want to finish? Is there an email you need to send, but have been putting off doing?

Procrastination sounds a little like an illness - maybe for some it feels like it. Other times the big things get put in line first leaving the little things to pile up and they begin to feel a bigger. Do you know the feeling?

You know that getting them done can leave you feeling so satisfied and peaceful. Not getting it not can foster judgement and a harsh tone towards yourself. This is also a good practice to sort through what you actually can do, and what is out of your limit.

Being mindful can help you out of constant worry and obsession about these kind of things. And today I would like you to look at it two fold.

tying loose ends


1. Are there are any little things, that you have been putting off doing, that you can finish today? How does it feel to tie that end?

2. Is there something that feels unfinished but is out of your "power" to finish? How does that feel? How could you bring in your practice and let it be, even it is just for a moment. Can you create space for yourself? How could you tie that end for yourself?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 27] Sit... again

Mindful Ground mindfulness meditation

Haven't we done that already? Well yes but I would like to bring in some formal meditation again. It is an important part of a mindfulness practice. Is it a time where you have decided and commit to being with yourself and what arises as you sit or lay down. Reflections, time, writing, resistance, confusion, wanting more of the good stuff can bring you to your head a lot.

Today we are bringing awareness back to the present moment, to what is happening right now. I would also like for you to notice if getting yourself to sit has become easier, harder, the same throughout this challenge? Do you feel more motivated?

A long time ago when I did my first training, I felt that the more I meditated, read about meditation, went on retreats, the less I knew. At one point I said to my teacher "I don't think I know what mindfulness is", her reply was "Well, now you are ready to teach". I don't know that I was, but the point is that Mindfulness is a billion different things. Awareness of what is shines a light on whatever experience is there. You can sit 1000 times, and the next time is like none of the other. What is it like for you to sit this time?

You can go back to Day 3 for link, instructions or as I know many of you already have guides etc. that you use.

Mindfulness meditation


Sit for 20 minutes. What comes up when you read 20 minutes? Can you take that time for yourself? Are there many reasons why you can't? How about reasons why you CAN?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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A good read

Mindful Ground Saki  Sanktorelli

[Day 26] with Helen White

  Its a no-brainer that getting out-of-doors, even for just a few moments each day, is so very good for us and yet what we choose to focus upon in that time can make all the difference to the experience that we harvest.

Mindful Ground Helen WhiteWhen we quiet the incessant mind chatter and take a moment to really see...the beautiful minutiae and the awe-striking cosmic display of the universe around us, this can become like a meditation within the very flow of life. I speak of all those commonplace moments that so often go unnoticed; as when light transfigures the wet surface of a road, ignites scraggy autumn leaves or when great white clouds the size of a mountain range rise suddenly above the city rooftops.

There is awe to be experienced in such moments. Once we become open to them, these moments start to appear everywhere as though newly arrived to embellish the morning traffic jam or the rainiest of walks to the shops.

Now attuned to see what we used to miss, we reconnect with the expanded viewpoint of our own highest self and so recalibrate our entire point of view to become super-expanded and regularly joy-filled. Much of the petty drama and stress of life seems to shrink down so small, from this broadened perspective, that it could almost disappear into the pavement cracks.

These moments also provide us with a daily reminder that we are the creator of our own reality because the more we invitePhoto 2 by Helen White them, the more we receive confirmation that what we are focusing upon really does become the defining aspect of our experience. Suddenly, it seems, there are moments of beauty and radiance all around us and life becomes filled-up to the brim with intensely wonderful experiences.

Taking photographs of these moments focuses the exercise even more and will amaze you with results that make your heart sing. In fact, the technical ‘failures’, when light fragments into rainbow colours or the view becomes super saturated with light, are often the most stunning and surprising photographs of all. Be warned: this practice can become addictive once started and may lead you into new territory, even painting or creating from what your eyes newly appreciate and yet the aim of this exercise is to capture rawest beauty, not a masterpiece.

In fact, I encourage you to snap away with no concern for the artistry of the outcome as these images are quite secondary to the effect that opening your eyes to such simple moments of loveliness will have upon your wellbeing, your health and the amount of gratitude and joy that fills your days

mindful Ground Helen White

Take a small camera for a walk. Relax your eyes, disengage your thoughts (especially that self-critical voice) and allow your gaze to fall naturally upon whatever draws it. Take many, many photos and ditch all the rules, especially those that say ‘don’t point a camera towards light’ (though take care not to look directly into the sun). Enjoy and be amazed by the incredible results!

Now write a post or grab your camera or phone take and share your photos

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About Helen White

Mindful Ground - Helen WhiteHelen White is a self-taught professional artist whose work is exhibited in galleries across the UK and beyond, including London and New York, as well as being held in private collections internationally. Her paintings of moments of light – which can be viewed at - have been said to contain an energy all of their own, described by world renowned energy teacher Lee Harris (who has one on his wall) as ‘like a portal into another dimension’.

Her self-managed recovery from fibromyalgia and the profound connections that she perceived between creativity, expanded-consciousness, energy-awareness and balanced health led to the creation of a blog Scattering the Light which has added a growing readership to those who already follow her art. Now a featured author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series, she shares her story and the connections she has made in her story ‘Beautiful journey, living with soul’ in the forthcoming book ‘Soulful Relationships’, now available to order from her websites.

[Day 25] Space

The best memory

Throughout this challenge we have looked at different angles, themes and reflections into Living Mindfully. A lot of them touching on creating space in life, in the moment, in the mind. I have suggested different exercises to create space.

Today I would love for you to look at ways you could do that or already do that. As we get closer to the end of the 30 days, this is a great way to begin looking at ways that work for you, what you will be taking away from this challenge.

Noting shifts and changes is important. When we have an endless line of activities and to dos we are running through them leaving little room to fully enjoy, experience and sense into where we are. Creating a little, or a lot of space can support bringing awareness to the present and also give us the chance to respond. In terms of yesterdays theme - pleasure - it can also allow us to enjoy the little things that are so easily bi-passed.

There a million tips and good advice as to how you can create space. Some of which we can gone through the past 3 weeks, but what really supports you?

It's not about killing drive or saying that slow is always the best. This is about creating room to become aware of what is.


Mindful Spaciousness


Surround shifts in setting (home to work, work to picking up the kids etc) and activities with mine spaces. What feels right for you? Closing your eyes, touching base with your breath, stretching, a mantra, a song, do whatever you feel is supportive.

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 24] Pleasure

  What is pleasure to you? Is pleasure a priority in your everyday life? Is hasn't been in mine, life has been very (way too) serious at times and play and pleasure haven't come natural.

Why is pleasure important? Well pleasure is just as much a part of life as pain and suffering. It is shown to release stress and strengthens your immune system. It changes our mood and sensations in the body. Sometimes we just don't have our eyes on it. Pleasure shows up in many different ways and forms. In times of sorrow it may be very subtle other times it run through your whole body.

Spending a little time enjoying pleasure can rejuvenate your system, bring happiness to life and it is there - but how does it show up? Pleasure is an individual experience, such as pain, stress, suffering. So tending to your own experience is important. Do you have a tendency to only note the big events in life? Does as nice view, bath, smell, hug count?

Also here's a link to an inspiring TEDtalk on pleasures of everyday life.

mindful Ground mindful pleasure

How does pleasure show up for you today? What does it feel like?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 23] Random acts of kindness

Mindful Ground - Kindness

Recieving kindness can be difficult. It can from from the most unexpected place and people and maybe that sometimes clouds our vision. I wrote a little post about that a few years ago - A long came a pusher...

But today is all about giving or doing a random act of kindness. You can do that in a million different ways. It can be a donation, holding the door, picking up trash on the street, letting someone ahead of you in line etc etc. There are no limits.

There is something very powerful about giving without wanting something in return or even letting the receiver know who it was from. Wouldn't it be awesome to create of snowball effect of kindness? I would like to reflect on how it feels to give, act from kindness? What comes up for you?

As a side note for those interested in a meditation: The Metta or loving kindness meditation is an amazing practice, sending those qualities to people in our lives. You can find a nice guided Metta meditations here...

Today I thought it would fun to do a more active practice.

mindfully - kindness

Commit to 1 or more random acts of kindness in the next 24 hours. 

Some suggestions or sources of inspiration: 

  1. Drop money in the street or on public transport
  2. When you pay for something say the phrase ‘keep the change’ or over tip at a restaurant.
  3. Allow people to go ahead of you in the supermarket, post office or bank queue
  4. Compliment people about their work/appearance/expertise/clothing
  5. Hold the door for people
  6. Leave lovely comments on people’s blogs and share a link to their site
  7. Buy someone a cup of coffee that is ahead of you at the coffee shop
  8. Bundle up any old toys or magazines and donate them to a local hospital
  9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for an evening
  10. Donate money via PayPal to your favourite bloggers

...Or what ever speaks to you.

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 21] Waking up in the morning


Mindful Morning

In what mood, state, pace do you get out of bed in the morning? This challenge can really be "tested" tomorrow, but for today reflect on how you started your morning?

In our house mornings start really really really early. No alarm clock needed there... But how does the start of your day effect the rest of it? For some the first thought is "I don't have enough time", and the hamster wheel is already going at a pretty high pace. For others it can be very organized and structured or clothes, food and coffee flying through the room.

All of that is ok and I guess just part of life some days - more or less depending on your responsibilities.

In terms of practice, mindfulness and meditation there is a moment between waking up and just before you open your eyes. A moment that can be prolonged just a little, to sense the body, your mood, the breath. Giving your a minute or 5 to wake up and start your day in awareness.

Waking up mindfully

Use 1-10 min. tomorrow morning to wake up slowly (or just slower).

You can use these guidelines as inspiration. 

  • You do not need to open your eyes, but sense the shift from sleep to being awake. Waking up without jumping out of bed.
  • Feel the body, is it relaxed, is there tenderness, you might have been in the same position for too long. If you feel discomfort try moving the body a little.
  • Bring your awareness to the breath, how does it move in the body. Expansion and relaxation.
  • Maybe you have a child/children calling, how does it affect you ? It may be that you remember everything you need to do today? Does the energy shift when remembering your tasks for the day?
  • Are you in a hurry? Do you have time to allow yourself to stay in bed a little longer? What is it like to know that?
  • Open your eyes, what do you see. Is it light out or still dark? Does it take a little time to focus? Is there a change in your attention when you open your eyes?
  • Bring back the attention to the breath.
  • Slowly begin to move the body, wiggle your toes and fingers. Move your head from side to side. Gently stretch your body.
  • Get out of bed in the pace that feels right for you.

All mornings are different, but it would be possible to use a few moments to wake up in this way and to prioritize it more in your everyday life ?

Have a great day. 

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 20] with Ilse Van de Wiele


glass of waterWater. Much has been said about this subject. ‘Everyone knows’ one should drink at least one and a half liters of it a day for good health. ‘Everyone knows’ it is good for your health. Then why does not ‘everyone’ manage to do this and is there so much illness in the world caused by dehydration?

No, it is not that you are of bad will. No, I do not believe you lack discipline. The reasons for it could be many, some of which I will list here:

  • You have been told wrong information about ‘water’, while being lead to believe it was true.
  • You are drinking the wrong kind of water for your body (oh yes, water can be different from water. More about this later).

There was a time when I thought I knew all about it. When I look at it now, I could not have been any more wrong. It should have been obvious though, as I was walking right into disease after disease. I gained 26 kilo’s in less than half a year, had bladder infections for 2 years straight, with no solution that actually worked, had severe pains in my shoulders and hip, bordering on arthritic joint pains, had headaches at the drop of a penny, was feeling tired all day and lacked the energy one would expect at 36 years of age.

So, what’s the big deal about water?

Water is a basic of life, just like oxygen, before food and all other essentials of life even. We all know that. Without water, the body would die faster than without food. And we usually eat 3x a day at least. But do we also drink water often enough?

If we don’t, the body gets dehydrated. Some people think that is something only possible if one got lost in the desert and had to go without water for several days. The truth is that chronic dehydration is widespread. Most of us are continually in a state of dehydration without even knowing it.


According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult loses more than 10 cups of water every day, simply by breathing, perspiring and eliminating waste. When water is lacking, numerous functions start getting in trouble. Some of the resulting symptoms are: headaches, constipation, brain fog, digestive disorders, skin disorders, weight gain, high blood pressure, joint problems and afternoon fatigue. Many other ailments are the result of too little water. By the time any of these common symptoms arise, dehydration has already progressed to the point where water is being rationed in the body, for a long time already. Long-term water rationing leads to premature aging and disease.

The best is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The best time one could start, is at wake-up time. I try to drink 1-2 glasses of good quality water every morning before breakfast. It helps my body to activate internal organs.

I drink one glass of good quality water about 10-20 minutes before each meal, this helps my body to digest everything easier.

When I crave something, whatever it may be, I try drinking 1-2 glasses of water and wait 15 minutes. If by then the craving is gone (which happens often), I leave it at that, just recognize I was thirsty. Very often people think they are hungry, when in fact the body is giving signals that it is dehydrated.

How much water is the right amount to drink each day? This is different for each person. It is believed that 2-3 liters is the average daily for an adult body.

It also depends on so many factors. Some people drink coffee or alcohol daily, others don’t. It is advised that one, for each cup of coffee  or glass of alcohol, one is best to drink twice that amount in water, just to replenish the water that is lost by drinking that. The same with soft drinks, although they seem to require even more water for their harmful effects to be flushed out of the system.

What can then be counted as water intake, in addition to plain water? Soup is usually fine, so is herbal tea as long as it does not contain caffeine. Nettle tea is quite good, this helps to detoxify the body.

Now what if you have tried all the above and you find you are simply not able to take in more water than, let’s say, ¾ of a liter without feeling bloated? Well, even then there’s nothing wrong with you.

I ran into this very situation some years ago. No matter how hard I tried, and I did try very hard, I could never drink more than a liter. And even that was at the cost of feeling comfortable, as I was usually feeling very bloated for the rest of the day.

Or what if you have been told: if you drink enough water, you will lose weight. So you have been drinking and drinking, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Or maybe you have instead gained weight and now think that drinking water makes you gain weight instead of losing it.

In both cases, you may not be drinking the right kind of water for your body. You see, there is water, through the way its ions cluster, which can only be assimilated by the body for about 15%. The ions are too large to hydrate the body much and do not get used.

On the contrary, there is other water of which the ions in the water are much smaller and thus 85% of what you drink can be assimilated by the body cells. Needless to say, one needs much less of this water to achieve the same hydration as the type of water described above.

The result of drinking the latter? You feel more energized, you look and feel younger, wrinkles get smaller or disappear completely, you get ill less often and if a germ manages to enter the body, it is being dealt with faster and with much less discomfort.

So, if you are looking to have more energy, age gracefully, be more healthy and no longer suffering from the what is believed to be ‘normal’ symptoms of getting older, try drinking more water. It may just help.

Mindful Life challenge

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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Ilse Van de WieleAbout Ilse Van de Wiele

Ilse is a Holistic Health Coach, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She helps parents to age gracefully and provide a healthy life for their children, businessmen to gain more energy and people with weight issues to achieve their goals with lasting results. She is part of the Advisory Board of the National Health Federation. Her mission: to help people unravel any confusions on health, discover some basic truths on it and help them to make educated and conscious decisions with regards to their health and that of their loved ones.

Out of the responses to this challenge, I will give 2 people a 50 minute free health coach session.  Just leave me your e-mail address, so we can set up the free session at a time that suits you.

Free offer for 2 people that do the challenge:

Amongst those doing the challenge en writing down what it did for them, I will pull out 2 names who will get a 50 minute free health coach session from me. I just need their e-mail address, so we can set up the free session at a time that suits them.

[Day 19] What's your tone?

  There's no doubt that for a lot of us, our tone towards ourselves isn't always that kind. The inner critic takes handles a lot of the inner dialogue. What it says seems to be VERY individual. Does the tone of your self talk set you free or rob your freedom?

Mindful Communication

A commonly used image is the one of you and a friend, begin talking to a friend and see how long they would stand the tone which you use on yourself. If it kind and gentle it probably makes them feel good, loved and accepted. If it is harsh, well how long would they put up with you talking them that way? How would it make them feel? And even more important why do we feel it is ok to talk to ourselves that way?

Sometimes we may feel that a harsh tone serves us. It is what keeps us motivated to do better - is that true? Maybe it protects you, if you name it first then it won't sting so bad as it does when coming from others. Does putting yourself down actually serve you?

If your tone is kind and loving then how does that support you in life? How does that serve you?

This may be a tender subject for you and please be gentle with yourself. <3

Mindful communication


Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 18] - Slow down

  I am posting a video today with Thich Nhat Hanh. He has written a book about walking meditation and I love this little video. I am sharing it with you as inspiration, but not because you have to do a walking meditation.

Especially listen to what he says about pace. This is not to judge or say that slow is ALWAYS better, just to investigate what slower feels like.


I would really like you to notice your pace during your day.

Walk slower - mindful walking

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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Recommended reading

Mindful Ground meditation

Walking Meditation

By, Thich Nhat Hanh

[Day 17] with Sheila Sornsin

  My mission is to raise the consciousness of joyful living and I coach people on living their very best life, so I speak on all aspects of creating more joy in life whether it is through optimal health, financial prosperity, mindfulness, discovering your life purpose and the sense of belonging we feel when we have found our social circle that provides community and whole-heart connection. Knowing what contributes to our joy is one thing, yet what if we turn that around and ask ourselves what rob us of our joy? I know the things that steal my joy and having coached many others, I can tell you some of the top thieves are our relationship, thoughts and feelings about 1) the present moment, 2) expectations and 3) time. This is by no means an exhaustive list, yet if you will give me a moment to explain, you will see it covers many.

Mindful Ground free mindful

The Present Moment - think of a time when you were really present to another person and/or situation and how delicious it felt to soak in the moment with all your senses, it is absolutely magical, isn't it? So why do we so often waste our precious moments rehashing our past mistakes and regrets or sometimes even worse, what we consider to be other people's mistakes and error of their ways? And if we are not looking backwards, we often look to the future with great worry or fear of what may or may not happen. How silly is that? It takes us away from enjoying what is for the anxiety of something that may never come to pass.

This is what makes meditation such a powerful tool. I am not saying it is easy, we all have the 'monkey mind' that jumps from one branch of thought to another thinking it is being helpful in reminding you of all the things you need to do or concern yourself with, yet with consistent practice, meditation can and will quiet the mind and provide you the ability to live in the now.

Expectations - when we have expectations that people should be or act differently than they are or that "things" should be different than they appear. What would happen if we whole-heartedly accepted things exactly as they are? I encourage you to see everything as divinely orchestrated to show, teach and accept life as it is with great gratitude and appreciation. When we trust that the Universe is always conspiring in our favor, it is much easier to accept that everything, even seemingly disappointing things, are really blessings in disguise.

This is where a consistent gratitude practice really makes an impact. The more you can put yourself in the state of acceptance and curiosity, the more open we are to seeing the beauty in it all. Being able to reframe your past situations as perfectly designed because it brought you some other gift you were not expecting in life is the true blessing. And when times seem challenging, you can always look back in these journals and see for a fact, that all eventually turns out beautifully. If it is not beautiful yet, it means there is more to come.

Time - having a scarcity mentality of time and believing you should be somewhere else other than exactly where you are. This one is closely related to the previous two, yet still bears mention because it is so pervasive. I, along with many others, fall trap to thought of how I 'should' be further along than I currently am on a project, a relationship or financial goal. First off, where do these "shoulds" come from? We 'should' according to who or what standard? Evidently, we shouldn't or we would, right? After years of not having enough time in my day to accomplish all I expected of myself, I finally decided to beat a different drum and instead of lamenting over the lack of time I had, I began telling myself a new story and my mantra became: I have all the time in the world and everything happens in divine order.

Now doesn't that feel better? And by the simple act of feeling better throughout my day about what was getting done, I am able to accomplish that much more. If you find yourself with consistent thoughts to the opposite of what you truly desire to create in your life, I highly recommend re-writing your story with affirmations or mantras that create that which you do desire.

So those are some of the top thieves that rob me of my joy in life, now it is your turn.


Sheila Sornsin Mindful Living

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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About Sheila Sornsin

Sheila SornsinSheila is a speaker, writer, coach and owner of The Grateful Goddess. Having manifested the life of her dreams, today she guides others in creating health, wealth, happiness and their true hearts’ desire. Sheila is a contributing author to the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series and a workshop facilitator at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ. The mission of The Grateful Goddess is to coach women in realizing their full potential illuminating their inner goddess, so they can live their most joyful, authentic, fulfilling and rewarding life. For more information, go to

You can also connect with Sheila at

[Day 16] with Caroline Cain


Mindful Ground - Mindful Living

As a mom, dad, well human being guilt can often be the predominant emotion pervading your days. Whereas before (before kids, before having your own business etc.) you might have felt more fear, more hesitation, more of a lack of confidence, this generally seems to turn to guilt.

Guilty of not spending enough time with your children, for not being fully present when you are with them. Guilty of not putting more time and effort into your business or job. Guilty of not having the time or space to give your partner a hug, let alone speak about anything other than your business or the kids.

Saying ‘sorry’ seems to be your default throughout the day in this modern way of living where you expect to be all and do all for everyone. It can be so easy to focus on lack, on what we aren’t doing rather than what we ARE doing.

Look up mindfully

‘What are three things that you ARE doing ‘right’’?


Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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About Caroline Cain   Mindful Caroline CainCaroline Cain is a Success Coach for Mum Entrepreneurs looking to create a meaningful career and a fabulous home life. Trained as a Nutritionist, she is also a Lifestyle Mentor, Mother, Girlfriend, Buddhist, Modern day nomad who works internationally with women entrepreneurs. She helps them to create exceptional business success and home life balance, health and a lifestyle that supports them to fulfill their purpose. Caroline lives by the motto that ‘life happens’; flexibility and a fierce commitment to imperfection are vital ingredients for happiness and success.

Twitter: FB:

[Day 14] What have you learned so far?

Blog challengeCongratulations you have completed 2 weeks of challenges, writing and reflecting - great work. Today is all about going back and looking at what you have learned so far - if anything.

This is also a chance to do some of the challenges you haven't had time to do, or have been putting off for other reasons.

Here's a list of what we have looked at up until now: 

[Day 1] Welcome to the Challenge

[Day 2] B R E A T H E

[Day 3] Sit

[Day 4] How do you treat your body?

[Day 5] with Belinda Pate-Macdonald

[Day 6] What are you grateful for?

[Day 7] Enjoy a cup

[Day 8] Look up!

[Day 9] with Michael Haupt

[Day 10] Unplug

[Day 11] Do you get enough sleep?

[Day 12] Are you impatient?

[Day 13] with Stephanie Lin

Look up mindfully

What have learned so far? About yourself, being mindful, blogging? 

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about what you have learned up until now.

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[Day 13] with Stephanie Lin


Stephanie Lin - Mindful Ground

Humans are emotional beings. We are made to feel a wide range of emotions in our body to match the rainbow of experiences that life on this planet has to offer. Happiness is wonderful, but so is anger. Passion is beautiful, but so is sadness. Peace of mind is precious, but so is anxiety. They are all part of being alive. Can we learn to embrace them all?

Often times people fall into the trap of labeling certain emotions as good and others as bad. They believe that if they can only keep the “bad” ones at bay then life will be wonderful. But our emotions are reflections of the fullness, complexity, and beauty of life. When we ignore, suppress, or attempt to change our emotions before they can be completely experienced we are cutting ourselves off from life. This creates stress in the mind and dis-ease in the body. Energy does not flow freely in and out. Stagnant energy cannot be released and recycled back into the earth.

How can we experience emotions in a healthy way? Feel them to completion. Allow the unique energy and nuance of each emotion to course through your body. Experience the mental relief that comes with not fighting or resisting or questioning. Feel the physical tingles as the energy of this emotion goes where it wants to go. You may want to take deep breaths and move, dance, or shake your body to allow the energy to flow through you. Before long you will feel the emotion cycle out of your body, making room new experiences and emotions to enter.

And on and on it goes. This is life as a human being. How precious and beautiful it is!

Stephanie Lin Mindful Challenge

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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About Stephanie Lin

Mindful Ground - Stephanie LinStephanie is a spiritual construction worker and life coach whose passion is to guide awakening women to live a conscious, soul-driven, and joyful life. Her gifts of energy sensitivity and claircognizance are supported by intensive training in thought-based coaching with Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School, as well as ten years immersed in the study of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. She holds an M.A. and M.Phil. in Religion from Columbia University. She is also a contributing author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series.

[Day 12] Are you impatient?

  Mindfulness patience

How often do you say " hurry up", "come on" or think to yourself "I want it to be done NOW"? Or how often does someone else say the above to you? Do you dream of being more patient in your life?

It can be a valuable exercise to stop and reflect on why you feel so busy in everyday life. Is it always necessary? Does impatience set the agenda? Note the answers that emerge.

We experience daily impatience, both our own and others. When the car in front of us is a little too slow, when the light turns green. When the kids aren't listening. When people don't do something the way we want it done etc.

What does impatience feel like? It often holds irritation and criticism and can make ourselves and those around us feel uncomfortable. If you aren't aware of your own impatience, then how does it feel when someone else meets you that way?

Especially when we have decided to create some changes in our lives, and shifts don't happen fast enough we think we've failed, that that method doesn't work and we are on to the next thing. Maybe you've felt impatient during this challenge - come on already get to some good exercises... :)

A ton of questions today, but important ones to look at. Go faster - slow down


Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 11] Do you get enough sleep?

Mindful Challenge - sleep A lot of clients have trouble sleeping and come to me to see if meditation can help them turn off the constant stream of thoughts, worry and speculation that seem to keep them up. Although mindfulness meditation isn't a relaxation practice, it can be a great bonus effect.

A lot of things keep us up at night, but what prevents us from going to bed in the first place? I created this challenge with a smile on my face because my answer would a big fat YES - I stay up way too late!

With two small kiddos and a business I drink too much coffee and stay up late into the night so I can get things done. When my head finally hits my pillow, two girls crawl into our bed and a night of pushing and shoving begins. It's cozy, but not good for resting...

I defniately feel the lack of sleep in my body. And I know that I have to get more rest to be able to function properly. Somehow it's "hard" to tuck myself in at 20.05. Because at night I get to hold hands with my partner and have some time to myself. Do you know the feeling?

Do you get enough sleep? 

Living Mindfully - Day 4 sleep

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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[Day 10] Unplug

Unplug  - mindful blog

A few years ago I decided to give up my iPhone because I hoped it would help me unplug. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, texts, emails, calls, we are plugged in a lot. It didn't really help, because even though my phone was gone, I still felt I had to be on call and stay in control of all incoming messages - at all times.

When I worked corporate we had a 24 hour reply policy. Which was fine and in some cases we could wait 3-4 days to give the best respons possible. It doesn't seem to be acceptable anymore. Facebook rats us out. We read a message and it tells the sender that we have seen it. If we don't reply it seems weird and we get follow up messages like "are you there". Have you experienced similar situations? We have to be quick on our feet.

Sometimes I have received a business proposal and answered back the next day only to get a reply saying they found someone else, and there are loads of examples.

For me getting rid of my phone, deleting apps etc. didn't help. I needed to allow myself to go offline and let people know what to expect from me. And I just can't be everywhere, with a quick reply - all of the time. Maybe you don't find it as stressful as I do, which is great. No matter how you feel about being plugged in, I can't wait to hear what being unplugged brings up for you.

Go offline - mindful living

PS. Try to do it during hours where you normally would be on your computer or phone.

Now IN A FEW HOURS write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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