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Episode #20 with Kendra Kentor


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Kendra Kantor is a  Wellness Mentor and Guide for creative women who are looking to embrace their self discovery and improve their mental health wellness. She helps women take action toward becoming the person they want to be and living a life they have created to enjoy. Kendra wants to live in a world where mental and emotional wellness and self care is a top priority. And her big life goal is to travel in an RV full time with her husband and son.

She guests us for a chat about wellness in motherhood and how this can be a challenge. Kendra shares her vulnerable story - something many women can relate to but maybe don't talk about.

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Mama Bliss with Kathy Stowell



Meet Kathy. For years here she been helping mamas simplify their family life and now Kathy also helps with simplifying their business.

Kathy stopped by for a chat about her coaching school, her passion for supporting moms, and her popular blog and why she does it all.

These days she especially loves teaching mamas how to share their experiences on their blog then serve others by turning these passions into a side, or full-time, work at home gig.

She runs the Mama Bliss coaching School, training mamas to become coaches and become self-employed. She is a wonder with her words and her workbooks alone can transform your biz. I did here training, and I really really liked it.

Check her out, the lovely Kathy

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We have gone crazy


Mouse My clients always tell me how frustrating it is that their thoughts are ruining their attempt to meditate. Thoughts make so much noise that it blocks the inner peace they set out to feel.

I'll get back to that...

Well, us city people are feeling the sweetness of country living in a, well lets put it lightly, challenging way… We have mice EVERYWHERE.

The first day, we tore the house apart stuffing holes, cleaning, pulling our hair and finally collapsing in the middle of chaos trying to find energy for the clean-up…

Really happy and satisfied with round 1 of the war against mice - we went to bed. We woke up and there was MORE mouse droppings all over the house - say what? How did this happen.

We discussed the same procedure as yesterday neither of us had the energy. We discussed moving - seemed like less of a deal then the clean up. And setting the house on fire was up for a while too.

The kids looked scared, so we went with cleaning. And the past week has continued in this fun little dance. My partner wakes up looking manic and angry. I have gone into everything is so weird it’s funny, which is calming no one.

Last night the little pain was back again. The kids are finally (jinxed?) sleeping through the night, but last night our ol' pal Mr. mouse sounded like he was rearranging walls... So there I was banging on things at 3am in the morning. Couldn't find my glasses, so with a lack of visual I was making random noises with no clear plan and talking in tongue to myself.

It dawned on me in all the madness, as we were working ourselves up to crazy, it is the same way with thoughts.

We fight them like mouse-busting. The more they stay, increase and drop(ping) in our mind, the more frustrated and desperate we get. So I get that the mouse has to stay out of the kitchen, but I don’t want them gone off the face of the earth. I feel they are gross in my food, but cute when I see them jumping around outside.

As with thoughts they have the right to be here, they have a function and aren’t the enemy. They do however have a place, and nor the whole picture or defining factor about how you feel about your "house".

So how do you relate to your thoughts? Do they overwhelm you? Do you feel you have to run with or after every thought that floats by?

I believe that there is such freedom in allowing our thoughts to come and go, and not feeling that we need to tend and kill every single one.

a tribute to: sleeping children

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote:

"I have arrived, I am home" is the shortest Dharma Talk I have ever given. "I have arrived, I am home" means "I don't want to run anymore." You need that insight in order to be truly established in the here and now, and to embrace life with all its wonders.

mindfulness in eberyday life

What a powerful sentence. For me it has always been a balance. I like running... well I like being driven, I like the passionate and excited side of me. I like the part of me that creates ideas for every step I take. What I have learned through the years of practice and training is to notice when that isn't serving me, when I no longer fills me up, but is draining me instead. And also learned to see that all that running robs me of the things that really creates a deep connection in my life.

It is so valuable to check and see in the moment what life is. In everyday life what gives me joy, happiness, a sense of belonging and depth aren't things like winning the lottery or running fast - it is the simple things.

Like last night, my oldest was asleep and I went in to tuck her in again. I stopped and looked at her, and she looked so big, yet still with her little baby face. She was so peaceful and cute. I was filled with love and gratitude. It brought me home. I didn't need to run to feel love, I didn't need to run to feel purpose, it was right there in that moment.

Moments like those pop up every day. They're not big sensational moments that will be written down in history. But shit they're valuable. It can be a good laugh, a moment when everyone at the table just shuts up and we are there together no strings attached. It can be that brief touch that let's you know you have been seen. The smell of the crisp Fall air. It is random smiles on the street. It's sitting on a chair by your house enjoying the sunset or dinner with close friends.

We don't need to run.

Episode #8 with Karen Osburn

Self-compassionate woman Karen Osborn  

Do you shame yourself as a mom? Do you feel guilty about not being perfect?

Karen Osburn guests us today to talk about motherhood and embracing ourselves, our imperfections and vulnerability with more love.

Dr. Karen Osburn is a Chiropractor, Wife, and Adoptive Mommy of two young boys.

Her Chiropractic office, Synergy Family Wellness Centre in Alberta, Canada, owned with her husband, Dr. Ed Osburn has served wellness chiropractic care to the families in their community for 12 years.

But since becoming a Mom almost 4 years ago, Karen has really struggled with being a mom.  It was the hardest thing she had ever done, and she never felt like she was doing it right.  Karen found through blogging and in her conversations with patients and friends that other moms felt the same way, but yet thought it was just them.

So she decided to do something about it and created Mom at 41.

Mom at 41 is a Podcast, Website and Blog to provide support, inspiration and  a conversation to share struggles, the lessons learned from it, and to help Moms embrace their imperfections. Also check out her Facebook page here.

a tribute to LOVE

9 years ago I met the man, it would turn out, who changed me. Tuesday is photo day on the blog showing glimpses of me life, practice and journey. Today is a tribute to the man, the love and the life I have shared with my blonde Scandinavian (who I first thought must be boring - how wrong I was). <3

#1 Before the kids. We look so well rested.

Love life and partnership

#2 Now expecting child #1. I am sure I said something REALLY funny. Still look very well rested.

9 years together.

#3 Ok now way past birth of first child and SO hard to find a picture we're both in . Such a bad photo, but HA! at least the wee one looks pretty fly! The second child is on the way.


#4 Things like this now dominate our camera...


#5 and this my phone...


#6 But once in a while we still get time to get away and enjoy each other's company.

Parents weekend out

#7 And here's to the next 9 years my love <3 (not knowing why it looks like you have fangs...)

to the next 6 years.


Episode #4 earthing with Olga Dossa


Olga is a yogini, mama and the founder of Peaceful Mothering with Olga Dossa. She is committed to supporting mothers to step into their radiance by loving themselves first and claiming their desires.

Through her journey with postnatal depression, she learned that she couldn’t give her best from an empty cup. She left her high paying corporate career to pursue a life that would bring her peace and inspire her daughter to live her own greatest life.

Her great love for her daughter took her on the path of yoga, ayurveda and self-love. Olga believes that when mothers love themselves first, their children will thrive.

In this episode we talk about

The self-compassionate woman podcast how to stay grounded

The self-compassionate woman podcast why taking of yourself, as well as you family, is important

The self-compassionate woman podcast how we pass our way of living on to our children

The self-compassionate woman podcast working yourself too hard and Olga's personal story about working through postpartum depression

Interested in learning more about Olga? You can find her on her website, on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter.

Make sure to pick up your free bedtime relaxation to help you release the tension of the day and give you more radiance and vitality.

Sleeping Beauty, the caffeine addict...

In the past year sleep has been a luxury and not a given, as our youngest apparently feels that sleep is overrated. I have inhaled coffee as the only way to keep me standing upright. During this time I have been more stressed and moody. And I haven't been getting as much out into the world as I wanted to. By habit doing nothing didn't seem like the best cure for the above. Thursday my partner told me to go away for 3 days, sleep, relax and do what I felt was most called for - wow, uhmmmm are you sure, really, ok see you Sunday. I am lucky in the man department I must say.

Out the door I went and took the train to my sisters. Of course I took some work with me thinking this time away would be productive... HA!

I am tired.

At my sisters I had a cup of coffee and didn't really like the brew she was cooking up, so I drank some tea instead. I left the coffee for the next 3 days. This being the first break from the black liquid in over a year. Friday morning I was so tired all I could do was lay on the couch - I stayed there until Saturday midday only to return a few hours later.

I couldn't believe how tired I was and being honest with myself I knew I had been for a really long time. Work, kids, life, habit got to me and I didn't really "hear" the need for more sleep.

Sleeoing beauty the caffeine addict

I normally listen to my body and respect my limits. I also know that I love cuddling up in the evenings a little late, I don't like sleeping during the day and I have so many ideas and love my work that it is hard for me to leave it be.

I am however even more aware that to keep it all up I need to respect my bodies limits and not drown it in caffeine. In the end it wasn't offering a positive contribution to my life.

And as I dive into the material for the upcoming HEAR*SEE*HOLD course I deepen that listening. As with most areas of self and life there is always more to be discovered. The coffee overpowered what my body needed, and in my case boy did I need to sleep, relaxation and to do absolutely nothing.

I came back with a few lessons learned:

1. I don't like filtered coffee

2. Sleeping on a couch for 24 hours ain't too good on the back

3. That I too have blind spots

4. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away

5. zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz

Put on your Red Shoes...

Ruth St Denis in a Burmese solo dance.

Something I have always admired is when people have the ability to play, let lose, dance crazy just because, kind of like Phoebe from friends and the episode where her and Rachel go for a run and Phoebe runs crazy, just because it makes it more fun (have you ever watched that episode?).

Anyway the more I play, dance around, laugh, giggle, fool around with my kids the better I feel. I also know that in stressful times I do less of the fun stuff and it makes me feel stuck and down.

In our house we all love to dance around. Not because we are that great at it, but we just have fun doing it. I love dancing and the music and the smiles that come with it. Everywhere around the World dance and music are a part of culture.

How about making this the week of shaking it?

I would like to focus on DANCE. I want you to turn up the Radio or put on your favorite tune and dance. Invite your kids to join you or do it on your own. Move your body, smile, feel foolish, free and dance. For sure for some it will feel weird or uncomfortable but see if you can push yourself a little with this one.

And for inspiration I would encourage you to watch this little video. I love this dude…

If dancing isn't for you, is there another activity that you feel is fun that you would like to commit to, and that does have a focussed outcome?

With love


The perfect, imperfect poem


Maybe we just misunderstand what it says - I'm-perfect... :)

All I want to do today is share a poem about the icky and sticky subject of imperfection.  It is such a lovely poem and I feel it resonating with  A LOT in my life. Do you?



I am falling in love with my imperfections The way I never get the sink really clean, forget to check my oil, lose my car in parking lots, miss appointments I have written down, am just a little late.

I am learning to love the small bumps on my face the big bump of my nose, my hairless scalp, chipped nail polish, toes that overlap.

Learning to love the open-ended  mystery of not knowing why

I am learning to fail to make lists, use my time wisely, read the books I should.

Instead I practice inconsistency, irrationality, forgetfulness.

Probably I should hang my clothes neatly in the closet all the shirts together, then the pants, send Christmas cards, or better yet a letter telling of my perfect family.

But I’d rather waste time listening to the rain, or lying underneath my cat learning to purr.

I used to fill every moment with something I could cross off later.

Perfect was the laundry done and folded all my papers graded the whole truth and nothing but

Now the empty mind is what I seek the formless shape the strange  off center sometimes fictional me.

Elizabeth Carlson

What is Self-compassion?

Great question!

Baby Self Love

Some days I feels very unclear and I am judging myself a lot. Other days it feels very clear, and I do not beat myself up.

I believe in exploring, rather than giving answers (to some questions anyway) and I want you to feel into what self-compassion means and feels to you.

When you read the word self-compassion what comes up for you?

But, because it can be helpful to have an wise woman's word I would like to offer Kristin Neff’s thoughts on Self-Compassion. I am truly inspired by her and her work and can highly recommend her book. 

She writes that self-compassion consists of 3 elements: Self-Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness. I feel they interweave, but that the first step is awareness. This brings us to know, and to the only moment we can move forward from.

Practice for this coming week

First step is really to become aware. Checking in and getting intimate with what is. An inner weather report if you will. So I'd like to introduce the short check-in.

Whenever you sit in the car, leave the house, go to the restroom or remember, do the following:

  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths
  • Connect to whatever is going on right now, thoughts, kids screaming, lists and to do’s etc. As best you can without judging or hurrying to change it, just noticing.
  • Sense the body, feet, buttocks, back, hands, head
  • Not changing anything just noticing.
  • When you feel ready open your eyes and continue your day

Do this as many times a day as you feel called to. What do you notice when you check in? Write a few words down in your journal or share in the comments below.

With love



I just sold my company Mindful Ground. This means I can dedicate my full energy to the work that means so much to me - supporting mothers and being a mom. This also means a more consistent presence here on the blog - I am so excited. I have decided to dedicate Mondays to reflections and practices. Each Monday I will be sharing one or the other on the blog. For me it sets the stage for the week to come and even if I only ever touch on the theme that Monday it still has an flows through me throughout my day and sometimes the entire week.

Freedom - mother love

I tend to get lost in all the offers of amazing courses out there. I sign up only to (once again) realize that I am not superwoman, I do not have 10 days a week, I do not have 8 arms or that much energy past 9pm (really it is probably more like 7pm... but who's checking). I am a mom of two kids and that means less time to me and at times also a shorter attention span.

Knowing that and respecting it, all reflections and practices offered here will be short, sweet and doable.

Having studied and worked with meditation for years, I found that after I became a mom the intense and longer practices wouldn't fit into my life to the same extent. For some they feel that the quality of their practice is poorer. This isn't necessarily true. In the work I do I want there to be that understanding - what ever offered it has to be able to integrate into life with kids. All of this to unfold more and more over the coming weeks and months.

During the week I will blog when inspired, but I hope you check in on Mondays, the next many posts are ready to be shared.

A short reflection... 

How could you take a little time to yourself this coming week? It doesn't have to be a lot. A 10 min. break, a walk, a cup of tea, a few yoga poses, closing your eyes and feeling the air against your skin. How does it feel to consciously choose to prioritize YOU?

(Don't beat yourself up if you don't create space this week, allow this reflection or practice to unfold when the time is right).

See you next Monday

With love Carina

If You Want to Be a Light for Your Family, Truly Evaluate Your Personal Presence

Guest post by Haydee Montemayor

Womanhood and motherhood are two powerful forces that unite women worldwide. However, while on the outside we often express a desire to help other women, on the inside, we often gauge our own self-worth by comparing ourselves with other women. When we become mothers, we often compare how our child rearing practices measure up to those of others. Why? Because our ego’s insecurities kick in. We forget that we’re all one.

Mother and Child Reunion

Motherhood has been THE BEST thing that ever happened to me. Shortly after I knew I was carrying a baby in my womb, I felt the most purposeful I’d EVER felt. I knew I was co-creating something special with the Universe and that made me feel important, blessed, worthy and complete. While pregnant, I started connecting with mothers online to help me have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for 100% natural childbirth (which I’m super blessed that I was able to have). And then came the baby :) . I realized then, that I didn’t know everything no matter how much I had read and prepared myself and that I had to and wanted to continue learning and researching how to be a good mother.

All my life I have been a go-getter. But you know what I realized after becoming a mother? That the things we pursue in hopes of happiness prior to becoming a mother are pale in comparison to the satisfaction that being a mother brings.

I also noticed that I'm missing two words in a sentence. It should read like this, can you please change it?
Since the first day that I brought my baby home with me after his birth, I realized that he was the reason why I’ve always enjoyed Edwin McCain’s “I Could Not Ask For More” song lyrics, which say:

“These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive

These are the moments, I’ll remember all my life

I found all I’ve waited for

And I could not ask for more

Looking in your eyes

Seeing all I need

Everything you are is everything to me

These are the moments

I know heaven must exist

These are the moments I know all I need is this

I have all I’ve waited for

And I could not ask for more



I could not ask for more than this time together

I could not ask for more than this time with you

Every prayer has been answered

Every dream I have’s come true

And right here in this moment is right where I’m meant to be

Here with you, here with me.”

Experiencing a deep love for someone and rejection by something in society, as painful as it seems is convenient, because it gives one the perspective one needs. I've experienced first hand, multiple times in multiple settings, the pain, betrayal, guilt and life-sucking existence that comes from being a round peg in a square hole. And I was tired of it.

Once I experienced my rejection, I devoured books, joined challenges, participated in webinars, started a meditation practice, listened to TedTalks and prepared myself to for once, go after my dream and actually convert it into a reality. All this time, I had been waiting for permission to do what I wanted, which was writing. And when I realized that I LITERALLY had nothing else to lose if I wrote, I took this leap of faith.

I'm still amazed how society expects us to give the very best of ourselves, when we're really not allowed to truly be ourselves. There's some sort of disconnect. Don't you think? Of course we all want to improve, but it's hard to be motivated to improve on something that goes against your very nature and your very reason for being. Mothering, thank goodness is natural. Loving is natural. Both of these things are beautiful.


So now, aside from being my baby’s primary caregiver first and foremost, I'm a blogger who aims to uplift people by helping them focus on the what they have to work with, personally and in general. I identify with mom bloggers and women entrepreneurs and mothers the most, but I also have plenty of men who follow me. I suppose it's because we can all relate to wanting to enjoy the present more and for wanting to appreciate ourselves perhaps for the first time ever. As moms, our calling to birth and care for a baby is a great treasure. And that is in part, why I named my blog The slogan on my site is "Cherish whom at what you have, fully appreciate what you receive, and expand the radiance you can give."

My blog posts are a brief reminder that not only should we see life as a glass half full, instead of half empty, but we should see ourselves as fuller than we realize, wiser than we realize, more abundant than we realize, because no matter what is going on in our life, we are always blessed and experiencing exactly what it is that we need to be experiencing for us to radiate all of our essence into the world. As long as we can feel present and worthy, we can have the energy to propel our lives and our families forward.


Haydee Montemayor’s Bio

Haydee_MontemayorHaydee Montemayor lives with her husband, son and dog in the United States. Even though Haydee has been cautious to put any label on her other than mother, if you had to define her, you could say that she is a:

  • spiritual being, who likes to dream but who, similarly, has a healthy dose of realism that allows her to keep her feet on the ground,
  • someone who doesn’t like rigid conventions
  • a modern day soulful philosopher who is enamored by the “why” and the mechanics of life– especially when it comes to the deep and mystical things in life
  • a mortal and a spirit who always tries to squeeze the most out of everything in life… even those occasional lemons that life hands you. =)
  • a being who is part of the next- generation of spiritual thinkers who is here to embrace life fully and invite others to do the same.
  • a writer
  • an Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Caroline Myss student and follower
  • and most importantly, a loving mother

Haydee’s Commitments to You

“I am committed to inspiring you to love and treasure your family, your nourishment, your love relationships, your friends, your home, your belongings, your body, your mind and your spirit. As a matter of fact, that is why the slogan for the blog is, “Cherish whom at what you have, fully appreciate what you receive, and expand the radiance you can give.” I believe that NOTHING in life will matter— no accomplishment, no salary, no achievement, if you don’t first develop a sense of gratitude for what you already have. And as you’ll learn, if you haven’t already, you already have A LOT of positive things going for you, whether you can see them clearly right now or not. No matter what your financial life looks like, we are richer than the vast majority of the world. Even simple things that we often take for granted like electricity and plumbing make us so. But we have to be present enough to see these things in order to be of any value to the world.”


Anxiety got me started!


Ahh Day 7 - This blog challenge really doesn't feel like a challenge. Which is awesome - big thanks to Ms. Sisson. Today's question is great - just up my alley.

Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

For years I delt with anxiety. Panic attacks, a constant sense of nervousness in my body, scared of being scared ruled my life. I isolated myself more and more, just from feeling so tired and not knowing how to face people anymore.

Carina Lyall MeditationMy way through those years became my meditation practice. I wasn't enlightened or fell in love with a guru. I just sensed tiny shifts for every time a sat and closed my eyes and let go of control. It wasn't always peace and ease - but more about handling what arose.

I became less scared and reactive, but learned to respond with more clarity. I began to see I had a choice. No matter how I felt, I was in control of the next step.

As for my mindset anxiety has become my "warning signal". I haven't had a full blown attack in years, but when a certain feeling creeps up I know it well, I know that this is when to slow down, take better care of my self, and allow myself to be vulnerable.

Easy - no, necessary - Yes.

Meditation and presence isn't only what happens on a cushion somewhere quiet. I bring it with me. It is how I move through life. It is compassion, care, curiosity, it is being connected to how I feel.

I am still me, I still have triggers and less flattering sides at times, but I am so much more aware of how they effect me, and stop a lot sooner then I did before. It is just so much easier to deal with when I am not on never ending auto-pilot.

So what supports me in business and life (and hey isn't it all just life??) is my meditation practice.

Perfection is feeding chickens...


So I thought I would skip Day 5 of the blog challenge, but then something perfect happened, and I had to go back to this challenge.

The question for Day 5 was: What’s does your perfect day look like?

I have written this down for every single business program I have attended. All good fun, but sometimes it just feels so far away. Maybe mostly because I have tended to think it had to be really different from my life as it is. Those perfect days are great, but I want to remember that the process is just so much more important. That's why I do what I do - to live my life as it is happening.

Being self-employed can be challenging, I  often loose sight, get into a panic when we are low on cash, sit up too long at nights and do everything that all the really rich business people tell you not to do.  My website isn't perfect, I don't have really expensive pictures and badges. I procrastinate and drink too much coffee. I mess up and say I'm sorry a lot.

Mindful life

I meditate and look at the guilt I feed myself and compassion is a part of it. So do I strive for perfection or see perfection in what is. The other day it became SO clear.

Last Thursday I decided to keep my oldest daughter home from daycare. My partner had done a night shift and was sleeping. On impulse me and the two girls hopped on the bike and went for a little ride. We ended up in a little haven in the middle of Copenhagen. A little area with farm animals.

We were invited in to feed the chickens and pet the rabbits. We ate apples and had a chat with a 94 year old man. We ended up having the time of our lives.

I was behind on work, reading, napping but in those few hours my day was perfect. Just what I want - freedom, happy children, time to enjoy the little things, and the ability to let go.

In the back of my mind Lou Reed was singing "Just a perfect day"... minus images from the movie Trainspotting...

What is does your perfect day look like? 

Homeless or independent?

Ahhh Day 4 of the Blog challenge. I am warming up, getting into writing again - which is so much fun. The feel of getting clear and focused is great. Little by little the post are making more sense... to me. :) So today's question from Ms. Natalie S. is: What is your definition of location independence?

When I first started out, I felt more homeless than independent. I worked/work at home for the most part, besides when I teach meditation classes. Which is great, but can create a little trouble in really getting clear on the difference between WORK HOURS and FAMILY/RELAXATION TIME. Do you know the feeling?

Home office with kids. :)

(I work at home with a little more advanced hardware...)

Instead of me going to work and coming home, my family sort of comes home and invades my work space. And that just isn't fair to them or me. So not having an office created a little stress for everyone in the house. I have gone to cafés etc. but couldn't get into a real flow there. So I have roamed the streets with my laptop seeking, and not working...

It has been my excuse for why I haven't been totally focused and why my business has taken a while to really get moving. UNTIL I met Natalie, and not having a base to work from really couldn't be the excuse anymore.

It draws back to the last few posts about freedom. I have clients where I go to their house, I teach group classes at a beautiful venue, I do 1:1s a third place, and do admin work at home or where ever I can find a quiet spot.

Now, instead of feeling homeless, I like to think of it as having many "homes". Being connected and spreading my wings all over town. Using the various spots for the different purposes that are called for there. It all gives me room to change, evolve, create without having to deal with the admin of having my own office. Which I know, for me, would take even more focus from what I am really passionate about.

It's a balance and takes some ability to adapt and work with what you've got, but isn't life that way anyway?

When I used to be a puppy dog...

Blog challenge DAY 3What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?  My lovely brother used to tell amazing stories of when he was a puppy dog. We all listened and laughed, but he was always caught up in the stories like he really had been a cute little dog and oh  my the adventures!

In a lot of ways I look back at the time before a became a mommy dog, hmm grown up, hmm gave birth to two beautiful girls, with smiles and nostalgia. Missing life as it was. I remember feeling and speaking of myself as adventurous and interesting. Life just flowed in whatever way we, and it, wanted to.

Awakening to the fact that I am now human, with bags under my eyes and subtle smell of spit up, makes me divide adventure and now even more...

I really love my life, but I don't feel so adventurous anymore. Or I guess contemplating the question it all comes back to MY definition of what that is. Where I see lack, and where I see life and joy unfolding before me. Adventure has turned into some huge and un-reachable thing. Nothing to with responsibility, worries or domestic life.

Freedom in business is what I am doing (close to anyway - still working on the how). But freedom is in the fact that I am in charge. I can have a full day mid-week with the girls if that's what we want to do. I can sit in my PJs all day and write emails, I can work with the most inspiring clients because I chose to (and they chose me).

Within our family, work doesn't define how we live, 9-5 etc. We define the life we want and how business can be a part of that - amazing eh!?

Next year we are leaving our apartment and crossing the US and Canada. It might take 8 months, maybe 9 and we are just going to go with it. Going back to my roots and visiting my family in the reserve, feeling the wind in our hair, showing the girls that part of the world, and living our adventure as a family, with responsibility, and I guess you always worry a little as a parent.

Adventure in life is living it fully, with the circumstances you face. Going after what you dream of without being attached to the outcome. And I think I will remind myself of that from now on...


Why do it at all?

I AM BACK - in english. :) So I joined the blog challenge over at the suitcase entrepreneur. And this is day 1... Today is all about why? Something that in business has been a great adventure the past 3 years. Why do I do what I do - and at other times "what the hell am I doing...?"

I started this blog back in 2011, because I wanted to share my story. I wanted to let people know how I use and practice meditation in everyday life. I have 2 daughters, a business, loads of friends I have neglected and a big family that I love. It is important to me that practice, integrating meditation and becoming more present in life, is down to earth. It is doable for everyone.

I feel very passionate about inspiring others to own their story, and break free from the drama of it, and use it to connect to their sense of worth and belonging. Because of that I want to share mine - honest, connected, and out loud.

That being said, I fell off the wagon. I had a good start, then business panic, then work freeze, then another baby, and bam 2 years later there hasn't been a lot of activity.

So the amazing Natalie Sisson sent me an email, gave me a push and I am back to share, listen and connect to my creativity again.

I am back on Twitter as well... Oh my. Maybe you would like to connect? I'm at @mindfulground

See you tomorrow. :)

Sommer(bog)regn - VIND A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook

En dejlig bog af Elisha Goldstein og Bob Stahl. Jeg har brugt den meget som inspiration og der følger en fin cd med mange gode meditationer med. Den giver et godt indblik i MBSR kurset og kan være god til de der gerne vil i gang med MBSR, men vil prøve det af på egen hånd først. Den blander øvelser, refleksioner og teori rigtig godt. Den følger fint op efter hvert emner og den kommer godt omkring. Det erstatter ikke MBSR kurset, og den støtte man finde med en lærer og en gruppe, men den er god alligevel.

Underviser du selv, kan den også være god at læse. Den kan give nye vinkler på øvelser og inspiration til nye.

Som en lille note til denne bog, så har min yngste datter været så venlig at tegne på de to første sider, men resten af bogen er super fin... :)

MBSR kursus - bog


Hvad skal du gøre for at være med i lodtrækningen? 

Du skal smide en kommentar om hvorfor du gerne vil vinde bogen. Hvorfor er dette emne interessant for dig.

Vi trækker lod fredag d. 16. august kl. 12.00 :)

Om bog-regnen.

Hver uge i løbet af sommeren vil jeg give en bog væk. For at finde ud af hvem der skal have hvad, og for at lære jer bedre at kende, vil jeg enormt gerne høre jeres historier, kommentar, inspiration eller skepsis i forhold til de forskellige temaer bøgerne omhandler. Der bliver trukket lod blandt besvarelserne og vinderen får direkte besked. Jeg skal nok beskrive nærmere hver uge.

Jeg betaler portoen, men skulle du bo i København så kan bøgerne afhentes.


Sommer(bog)regn - VIND Mindfulness for børn og unge

Så er der en dansk bog på banen. Jeg anmeldte denne bog sidste år - læs anmeldelsen her... Bogen hedder Mindfulness for børn og unge - teori og praktiske øvelser, af Psykolog Sabrina Justensen Leoni. Det er rigtig fin bog for dig der arbejder med børn og unge, og er interesseret i at bringe mindfulness ind i dit arbejde. Den veksler godt mellem øvelser, teori og inspiration. Den er super overskuelig og kan også virke som et opslagsbog.

Den er primært henvendt professionelle, men kan sagtens læses af den nysgerrige forældre.

Mindful børn, bøger


Hvad skal du gøre for at være med i lodtrækningen? 

Du skal smide en kommentar om hvorfor du gerne vil vinde bogen. Hvorfor er dette emne interessant for dig.

Vi trækker lod fredag d. 9. august kl. 12.00 :)

Om bog-regnen.

Hver uge i løbet af sommeren vil jeg give en bog væk. For at finde ud af hvem der skal have hvad, og for at lære jer bedre at kende, vil jeg enormt gerne høre jeres historier, kommentar, inspiration eller skepsis i forhold til de forskellige temaer bøgerne omhandler. Der bliver trukket lod blandt besvarelserne og vinderen får direkte besked. Jeg skal nok beskrive nærmere hver uge.

Jeg betaler portoen, men skulle du bo i København så kan bøgerne afhentes.