Presence in Parenting

Mindful Parenting Today we start the "Presence in Parenting" series on this blog. Over the next few weeks women from around the world will guest post on the blog. They will discuss, tell stories, and hopefully inspire to ways of being present as a parent in today's society.

Is presence the same as living by your children's rules? Is it giving in to every little demand that the little cutie pies come up with? Is it the same as playing with your child all day? What does "Presence in Parenting" mean?

I know that mindfulness is by some called the new black - I was told the other day at a session, I love that expression. : ) To be mindful has been used as a pill to bring peace, be more effective and you name it. But it means awareness. Ha... well is that it... awareness? It does not mean to be something that you are not, it is to be aware of what is in this moment, without judgement.

So can we be mindful parents, just as we are? And can we come from all over the world, with all of our different stories, live in our different relationships, and religions? We can, and I belive that the world is in need of being where we are with the people we have brought into this world... To be aware, with whatever is. To show up in our lives instead of always in the future or past.

I am truly grateful for those of you willing to share. Thank you. We will post the stories twice a week.

Please comment, and share and if you would like to post please write me.