Episode #16 with Ellie Savoy

elliesavoy Ellie Savoy is the owner and founder of Diet Free and Healthy, Inc. and is known by many as the Queen of Simple Weight Loss. She has a gift and passion for helping serial dieters break free from the dieting roller-coaster for good, reclaim their waistline, and discover the ultimate gift of health.


Through a step-by-step process which includes 5 simple mindset shifts, she inspires, educates and empowers women to see their daily food and lifestyle choices as beautiful gifts to themselves that support their long-term health and happiness instead of it feeling like a chore and time consuming.

She stops by and shares her wisdom and beautiful english accent. :) She has a very interesting book coming out soon. Listen to her talk about why this subject is so important!

You can also find her here: 

https://www.facebook.com/DietFreeAndHealthy https://twitter.com/dietfreehealth https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliesavoy http://www.dietfreeandhealthy.com/


My 1:1 Intensive is a one to one 90 minute session for  women who want to simplify their daily lives.

Working alongside me, in those 90 minutes we will look at the story and patterns that continue to complicate your life and rob your freedom.  We work towards sustainable ways to simplify with tools that you can easily integrate.

At the moment, adding more into an already demanding schedule probably isn’t working for you; when can you really fit this in? We find the right fit for you.

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