[Day 8] Look up!

  Meditation and mindfulness training are often linked to the image of a person sitting with her eyes closed, focused and alert (and most of the time amazingly gorgeous).

But what if it also included looking up and really noticing what’s right there in front of us. How often do we investigate and take that in? It can be a good practice to see what is going outside of ourselves and how we relate to it. Do we see with an open mind, or see what we think we see.

Look up - meditation and curiosity

There are clearly many reasons why we as adults don’t always look up with curiosity. We are in a hurry, stressed, tired, worried or we've been in the same spot so many times we rely on KNOWING instead of seeing.

One thing a teacher of mine brought up that hit home for me was - remember to be curious. When I look at my children and people that are playful in life they are curious about themselves, life, objects and whatever they stumble upon on their way. I have always admired that ability, since it seemed to fade in my life.

Looking up can be taken very literal - what is in front of you. wall, trees, cue, window etc. You can also take it one step deeper with your partner, children, colleagues. Who is this in front of me? What do they look like today? What are they saying? How does it feel to be here with them? Taking in what we see with curiosity and open eyes.

Look up mindfully

Make it a habit several times today to look up . Up at the sky, rooftops, birds or tree tops. What do you see? Do you see something new? If you are somewhere that feels sort routineish how does it feel to look around and observe. Let your eyes wander around - curious and open.

You can remind yourself by writing a post it or note that says " look up". Or set your a reminder on your phone.

What do you notice?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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