[Day 24] Pleasure

  What is pleasure to you? Is pleasure a priority in your everyday life? Is hasn't been in mine, life has been very (way too) serious at times and play and pleasure haven't come natural.

Why is pleasure important? Well pleasure is just as much a part of life as pain and suffering. It is shown to release stress and strengthens your immune system. It changes our mood and sensations in the body. Sometimes we just don't have our eyes on it. Pleasure shows up in many different ways and forms. In times of sorrow it may be very subtle other times it run through your whole body.

Spending a little time enjoying pleasure can rejuvenate your system, bring happiness to life and it is there - but how does it show up? Pleasure is an individual experience, such as pain, stress, suffering. So tending to your own experience is important. Do you have a tendency to only note the big events in life? Does as nice view, bath, smell, hug count?

Also here's a link to an inspiring TEDtalk on pleasures of everyday life.

mindful Ground mindful pleasure

How does pleasure show up for you today? What does it feel like?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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