[Day 23] Random acts of kindness

Mindful Ground - Kindness

Recieving kindness can be difficult. It can from from the most unexpected place and people and maybe that sometimes clouds our vision. I wrote a little post about that a few years ago - A long came a pusher...

But today is all about giving or doing a random act of kindness. You can do that in a million different ways. It can be a donation, holding the door, picking up trash on the street, letting someone ahead of you in line etc etc. There are no limits.

There is something very powerful about giving without wanting something in return or even letting the receiver know who it was from. Wouldn't it be awesome to create of snowball effect of kindness? I would like to reflect on how it feels to give, act from kindness? What comes up for you?

As a side note for those interested in a meditation: The Metta or loving kindness meditation is an amazing practice, sending those qualities to people in our lives. You can find a nice guided Metta meditations here...

Today I thought it would fun to do a more active practice.

mindfully - kindness

Commit to 1 or more random acts of kindness in the next 24 hours. 

Some suggestions or sources of inspiration: 

  1. Drop money in the street or on public transport
  2. When you pay for something say the phrase ‘keep the change’ or over tip at a restaurant.
  3. Allow people to go ahead of you in the supermarket, post office or bank queue
  4. Compliment people about their work/appearance/expertise/clothing
  5. Hold the door for people
  6. Leave lovely comments on people’s blogs and share a link to their site
  7. Buy someone a cup of coffee that is ahead of you at the coffee shop
  8. Bundle up any old toys or magazines and donate them to a local hospital
  9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for an evening
  10. Donate money via PayPal to your favourite bloggers

...Or what ever speaks to you.

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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