[Day 21] Waking up in the morning


Mindful Morning

In what mood, state, pace do you get out of bed in the morning? This challenge can really be "tested" tomorrow, but for today reflect on how you started your morning?

In our house mornings start really really really early. No alarm clock needed there... But how does the start of your day effect the rest of it? For some the first thought is "I don't have enough time", and the hamster wheel is already going at a pretty high pace. For others it can be very organized and structured or clothes, food and coffee flying through the room.

All of that is ok and I guess just part of life some days - more or less depending on your responsibilities.

In terms of practice, mindfulness and meditation there is a moment between waking up and just before you open your eyes. A moment that can be prolonged just a little, to sense the body, your mood, the breath. Giving your a minute or 5 to wake up and start your day in awareness.

Waking up mindfully

Use 1-10 min. tomorrow morning to wake up slowly (or just slower).

You can use these guidelines as inspiration. 

  • You do not need to open your eyes, but sense the shift from sleep to being awake. Waking up without jumping out of bed.
  • Feel the body, is it relaxed, is there tenderness, you might have been in the same position for too long. If you feel discomfort try moving the body a little.
  • Bring your awareness to the breath, how does it move in the body. Expansion and relaxation.
  • Maybe you have a child/children calling, how does it affect you ? It may be that you remember everything you need to do today? Does the energy shift when remembering your tasks for the day?
  • Are you in a hurry? Do you have time to allow yourself to stay in bed a little longer? What is it like to know that?
  • Open your eyes, what do you see. Is it light out or still dark? Does it take a little time to focus? Is there a change in your attention when you open your eyes?
  • Bring back the attention to the breath.
  • Slowly begin to move the body, wiggle your toes and fingers. Move your head from side to side. Gently stretch your body.
  • Get out of bed in the pace that feels right for you.

All mornings are different, but it would be possible to use a few moments to wake up in this way and to prioritize it more in your everyday life ?

Have a great day. 

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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