[Day 19] What's your tone?

  There's no doubt that for a lot of us, our tone towards ourselves isn't always that kind. The inner critic takes handles a lot of the inner dialogue. What it says seems to be VERY individual. Does the tone of your self talk set you free or rob your freedom?

Mindful Communication

A commonly used image is the one of you and a friend, begin talking to a friend and see how long they would stand the tone which you use on yourself. If it kind and gentle it probably makes them feel good, loved and accepted. If it is harsh, well how long would they put up with you talking them that way? How would it make them feel? And even more important why do we feel it is ok to talk to ourselves that way?

Sometimes we may feel that a harsh tone serves us. It is what keeps us motivated to do better - is that true? Maybe it protects you, if you name it first then it won't sting so bad as it does when coming from others. Does putting yourself down actually serve you?

If your tone is kind and loving then how does that support you in life? How does that serve you?

This may be a tender subject for you and please be gentle with yourself. <3

Mindful communication


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