[Day 14] What have you learned so far?

Blog challengeCongratulations you have completed 2 weeks of challenges, writing and reflecting - great work. Today is all about going back and looking at what you have learned so far - if anything.

This is also a chance to do some of the challenges you haven't had time to do, or have been putting off for other reasons.

Here's a list of what we have looked at up until now: 

[Day 1] Welcome to the Challenge

[Day 2] B R E A T H E

[Day 3] Sit

[Day 4] How do you treat your body?

[Day 5] with Belinda Pate-Macdonald

[Day 6] What are you grateful for?

[Day 7] Enjoy a cup

[Day 8] Look up!

[Day 9] with Michael Haupt

[Day 10] Unplug

[Day 11] Do you get enough sleep?

[Day 12] Are you impatient?

[Day 13] with Stephanie Lin

Look up mindfully

What have learned so far? About yourself, being mindful, blogging? 

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about what you have learned up until now.

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