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Humans are emotional beings. We are made to feel a wide range of emotions in our body to match the rainbow of experiences that life on this planet has to offer. Happiness is wonderful, but so is anger. Passion is beautiful, but so is sadness. Peace of mind is precious, but so is anxiety. They are all part of being alive. Can we learn to embrace them all?

Often times people fall into the trap of labeling certain emotions as good and others as bad. They believe that if they can only keep the “bad” ones at bay then life will be wonderful. But our emotions are reflections of the fullness, complexity, and beauty of life. When we ignore, suppress, or attempt to change our emotions before they can be completely experienced we are cutting ourselves off from life. This creates stress in the mind and dis-ease in the body. Energy does not flow freely in and out. Stagnant energy cannot be released and recycled back into the earth.

How can we experience emotions in a healthy way? Feel them to completion. Allow the unique energy and nuance of each emotion to course through your body. Experience the mental relief that comes with not fighting or resisting or questioning. Feel the physical tingles as the energy of this emotion goes where it wants to go. You may want to take deep breaths and move, dance, or shake your body to allow the energy to flow through you. Before long you will feel the emotion cycle out of your body, making room new experiences and emotions to enter.

And on and on it goes. This is life as a human being. How precious and beautiful it is!

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Mindful Ground - Stephanie LinStephanie is a spiritual construction worker and life coach whose passion is to guide awakening women to live a conscious, soul-driven, and joyful life. Her gifts of energy sensitivity and claircognizance are supported by intensive training in thought-based coaching with Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School, as well as ten years immersed in the study of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. She holds an M.A. and M.Phil. in Religion from Columbia University. She is also a contributing author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series. http://www.stephanieylin.com