[Day 12] Are you impatient?

  Mindfulness patience

How often do you say " hurry up", "come on" or think to yourself "I want it to be done NOW"? Or how often does someone else say the above to you? Do you dream of being more patient in your life?

It can be a valuable exercise to stop and reflect on why you feel so busy in everyday life. Is it always necessary? Does impatience set the agenda? Note the answers that emerge.

We experience daily impatience, both our own and others. When the car in front of us is a little too slow, when the light turns green. When the kids aren't listening. When people don't do something the way we want it done etc.

What does impatience feel like? It often holds irritation and criticism and can make ourselves and those around us feel uncomfortable. If you aren't aware of your own impatience, then how does it feel when someone else meets you that way?

Especially when we have decided to create some changes in our lives, and shifts don't happen fast enough we think we've failed, that that method doesn't work and we are on to the next thing. Maybe you've felt impatient during this challenge - come on already get to some good exercises... :)

A ton of questions today, but important ones to look at. Go faster - slow down


Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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