[Day 11] Do you get enough sleep?

Mindful Challenge - sleep A lot of clients have trouble sleeping and come to me to see if meditation can help them turn off the constant stream of thoughts, worry and speculation that seem to keep them up. Although mindfulness meditation isn't a relaxation practice, it can be a great bonus effect.

A lot of things keep us up at night, but what prevents us from going to bed in the first place? I created this challenge with a smile on my face because my answer would a big fat YES - I stay up way too late!

With two small kiddos and a business I drink too much coffee and stay up late into the night so I can get things done. When my head finally hits my pillow, two girls crawl into our bed and a night of pushing and shoving begins. It's cozy, but not good for resting...

I defniately feel the lack of sleep in my body. And I know that I have to get more rest to be able to function properly. Somehow it's "hard" to tuck myself in at 20.05. Because at night I get to hold hands with my partner and have some time to myself. Do you know the feeling?

Do you get enough sleep? 

Living Mindfully - Day 4 sleep

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