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Who is in control of your life?

Now, this is a thought-provoking question.  We’ve been told by the media and other people that we need to take control, be in the drivers seat and take charge.  But, there’s a huge difference between making choices in your life based on trying to stay in control, and making inspired decisions based on empowerment and love.

One depicts a struggle, the other an openness and flow.  Control stagnates, flowing creates.

Mindful Ground - control vs. mindfulness

Ideally the answer to this question is “no-one is in control of your life”.  When you align yourself with your heart, to manifest a life you love, it’s really important to understand that Love doesn’t control.

Making a commitment to stay in your heart centre and to respond to life from a connected, universal perspective, aligns you with Divine Grace.  You are then guided by your heart’s truth in any given moment.  You understand that everything you create is connected to the whole and for everyone’s benefit.

This is empowering, inspiring and highly creative.  As you release control, and all the fear that is attached to that, you welcome an even greater vision and wisdom, and truly become the “author of your own life”.

Belinda mindful challenge

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