A space for connection; to the Earth, wisdom, self, in sisterhood

Here you'll find the recordings from our gatherings and other gifts. These gathering will happen every 8 weeks or so. They will be announced in the group, newsletter and instagram, so keep an eye out. 

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The desire for deep, real feminine connections is growing, I see it all around me and I feel the calling myself. For a long time I thought Circles weren’t for me, that it would be all surface positivity and fanciful rituals, and I was wrong. I’m so happy that the calling to find out what this was about was stronger than the preconceptions I had around it. The experience was real, honest, open, very grounded sharing, holding space and seeing one another. It was kind, it was compassionate, it was mature, it was authentic, it was also great fun!
— Caroline Cain


Our Winter gathering around the element of earth, wisdom of winter and the north. 

This is from the gathering on february 7th 2017. A new journey begins - Our first gathering. 

We dive into the what teachings and medicine Winter brings. Address the tendency for restlessness and impatience.

Unfold how this is not just a time of gloomy weather and darkness, but an invitation to explore leadership, rootedness, peace.

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Spring gathering 

coming soon.... 

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Summer gathering 

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Fall Gathering

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Other gifts

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Moon Tracker

Use this PDF to get intimate with your cycle. To the seasons, rhythms and elements of your moon. 

Each day note:

  • emotions
  • mood
  • body: energy and sensations

Use it for 3 months (minimum) and begin to see what you are learning about your moon cycle, body and mind. Patterns, shifts, needs. 

Awake in the Ordinary - Workbooks