Picture a crackling fire. You’re curled up with a blanket, a cup of tea (knitting gear… my ultimate relaxation method). Relaxing deeply into your seat. You’re not here to fix anyone, not to be a certain way. You can doodle, close your eyes, dream, imagine.

You are opening your heart and your ears and ready to receive a story. 


This free monthly circle is the above and more. It is a cozy, intimate gathering. We come together to honor women's stories and heal our own. 

Each month I pick and read you a tale from a life lived. 

We nestle in and listen. By giving this woman’s story voice, we are given opportunity to heal the part of our own that resonates. We remember we are not alone with our struggles, pain and joy. 

It is like listening to the wisdom of the elders. Putting our listening into practice.

We give space to heal what was, and what is to come, for us and the generations after us. 

The desire for deep, real feminine connections is growing, I see it all around me and I feel the calling myself. For a long time I thought Circles weren’t for me, that it would be all surface positivity and fanciful rituals, and I was wrong. I’m so happy that the calling to find out what this was about was stronger than the preconceptions I had around it. The experience was real, honest, open, very grounded sharing, holding space and seeing one another. It was kind, it was compassionate, it was mature, it was authentic, it was also great fun!
— Caroline Cain


How it works. 

  • We begin and end with a meditation.
  • I read you a story and offer a reflection.
  • There will be time for sharing. 

We sit together for an hour. This is free and all I ask is that you show up with an open heart. 

Each gathering will be held via Zoom, info will be sent directly to those who sign up. Seats are limited due to Zoom. 

2016 dates

August 22nd 2pm EST

September 27th 2pm EST

October 18th 2pm EST

November 22nd 2pm EST

December 13th 2pm, EST

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