Vaginal Steam Plan


Bringing Comfort and care ’Down There’

PMS, menstruation cramps, irregular bleeding, fertility changes...does any of this sound familiar to you? All of us are individual in our monthly experiences, but the majority of women will suffer with cramps and other forms of pain ’down there’ each month and throughout their cycle in their life time. 


A V-Steam or ’Yoni’ steam is essentially steaming in the lower regions, and can be helpful for issues such as cramps and discomfort in this area.

Gently bringing steam and herbal properties to the yoni (otherwise known as the ’vulva’), your blood circulation is dramatically increased. The warmth of the steaming infuses in to the exterior of your vagina, allowing plant medicine to heal your cycle and for you to reconnect with your body. 


Woman around the world have seen dramatic changes to their life using Yoni; you can experience the same, too. 


It is a real womb-care ritual; it creates the space you need to connect to your womb. Traditionally, in cultures all over the world, the yoni steam has been used to cleanse the uteras, for women with fertility and menstrual challenges.


What Is Included In the 3 Month Steam Plan?

  • A questionnaire to assess what's going on with you and hear all your questions and concerns. 
  • A ‘How to’ guide to set you up for your steams
  • A recorded meditation to use before/during/after the steam. This will help you to relax and really embrace the sessions.
  • A 3 Month Steam Plan, sent via email
  • A Moon Cycle Tracker PDF 
  • A monthly cycle analysis and adjustments to the steam plan if they are needed - support via email


What's Not Included?

  • In Person or phone meetings
  • Vaginal Steam Supplies
  • Vaginal Steam Live Sessions


How much does it cost?

The 3 month steam plan costs only $47. When buying a 3 month plan you also receive 25% off the recommended herb blend. You will receive the discount code once your plan is ready. 


Price: 55USD for the 3 month plan. Including monthly adjustments, email support and guides to set you up. 

Contact me to set this up for you. <3