Explore the nature of you 


Often in our lives, we feel Distanced from the earth, from the ordinary, from ourselves.

The fast pace of every day overwhelms every sense in our body, and we feel cut off, detached, and isolated from things we usually get such joy from. 

We feel like we are constantly holding our breath, with little space to release.

Inside though, we long to move, to run out in to nature, bury our feet in the ground, feel the wind rush through our hair and breath in every single fragment of crisp, moist air.

  • To feel ourselves again
  • To experience deep pleasure
  • To feel rooted
  • To feel content
  • To feel like a woman.
  • To feel grounded.

And yet, often, it is hard to know how to awaken this. How to come home. 

The Nature of Woman can be a stepping stone towards this.


It is for women who want to ground - rooted in their sensuality, their inner rhythms and cycle.

For women who long for a deep relationship with nature - inner and outer.

For women who want to transform the sense of disconnect to self in everyday life. And open up to the wisdom they hold.


This is for you if you

  • Feel disconnected from yourself
  • Feel stressed and the pressure of everyday life is overwhelming you 
  • Feel cut off from your own body
  • Long to move, dance, and burry your feet in the ground
  • Long to feel the freedom of wind in your hair
  • Want to feel like a woman and understand deeply what that means to you
  • Want to ground - rooted in your sensuality, your inner rhythms and cycle
  • Long for a deep relationship with nature - inner and outer
  • Want to transform the sense of disconnect in everyday life and open up to the wisdom you hold
  • Want to feel the rest and restoration of the exhale
  • Want to embody and ground yourself 
  • Want to awaken your sensuality 

Why this? Why me? 

For years my sensuality, womanhood, sexuality felt defined by the respons I got from the world around me. By being a mother. By showing how strong and independent I was. But I didn't feel whole, free, connected. Truths I new in my mind didn't feel embodied. Didn't translate all the way through. I had a hard time mirroring myself in the 'women-women'. Beginning to honor my cyclic nature, beginning to move, dance, beginning to step outside a linear coat I had worn out, began to open up a new side of me. One that felt alive. One that felt freeing, fun, colorful. I began to feel like a woman. Because of how I felt and not what I thought others wanted me to be. I began to feel my breath, my exhale and release. I love watching women unfold, and set themselves free. 

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 22.06.58.png

What will we do together?

  • Re-discover the wisdom of your body, the senses, and your feminine nature
  • Get intimate with your inner rhythms and cycle, reclaiming the power of your body
  • Connect to nature inner and outer and what living in-tune with these feels like
  • Hold space for yourself with greater compassion, care, connection
  • Look at the stories, uncertainties, unexplored areas of your body and womanhood
  • Rise to a new level of self–expression and embodiment
  • Honor and love the woman you are


We will work with movement, ritual, story, your cycle. And what unfolds for you around your nature of woman.

How to do this work and integrate it into you daily life. 


Are you ready to make this exciting journey, working exclusively 1:1 with me? 

Connect with me and let's make it happen.


What’s included

  • We will sit together for 3 months with 2 monthly sessions
  • Each session is around 1 hour
  • A private page for you with inspiration, links and guides
  • Unlimited Email support between sessions
  • The *Moon Time Slow Downs Meditation*, meditations for each stage of your cycle (coming in November).

Investment: 850USD (can be split into three payments). 


Let's have a no strings attached talk about how we can work together <3