A birth, births a Baby, a Mother, a Story...

we plan, have expectations, are bombarded with how to birth and how to manage our newborn...We weave a story of how this is going to be.


And there are births that don't play out they way we anticipate - c-section, not having the home birth we hoped for, emergency procedures, unwanted examinations, not feeling heard, not feeling understood, unexpected emotions after the birth - we are left with the scars or stories that others can't or won't understand - it is our personal birth story.  

Is this you? You have a healthy baby, what's the big deal, right? Well NO.  Some stories sink deeper into our soul. Some leave guilt, shame, confusion, fear, sadness. Some need a sacred space to loosen it's hold on us. 


Imagine walking into a space of warmth and acceptance. A space where you can curl up and take a deep breathe and speak the unspoken. Where you are safe, heard, seen. 

“To commune with you around my birth story felt so completely right and nourishing. The StoryKeeping was a release. A safe, deeply held space to release the story from my body. I felt lighter, more open and more free & flowing following the session. It actually brings tears to my eyes as I feel back into the loving, safe, amazing space you held for me to step into.”
— Shannon Ledford, founder of Honoring the Feminine


The most profound healing comes from being met with compassion, non-judgement, not trying to be fixed, a listener. Expectations of you are dropped. And instead your words emerge, your meaning and experiences are validated. Your power and capacity is restored. 


StoryKeeping offers you… 

  • a safe space to let go and heal 
  • a release of fear of future birth(s) 
  • to find trust in yourself as a mother
  • a release of guilt and shame 
  • to be HEARD with what you experienced
  • a knowing that you are not alone 
“ I felt so nurtured and able to share my story that had previously always felt heavy to share. I received the nurturing and care that I so desired when I was giving birth. I felt held. When I think of my story now I am more drawn to my girls rather then the actual birthing experience. I so needed this. A powerful session in the most supported and non intrusive manner. Thank you Carina.”
— Charmaine D.


How it works

You know the story you want to tend to. We create a safe and trusting container from where you share. This is your time to breathe in deeply, exhale and release. 

We come together over the course of 2 sessions. The first is 60 minutes, and a 30 minute check in session a few weeks later. 

We meet via Skype. You will receive a little preparation email from me before we meet. Both sessions are scheduled at once. 

This offer isn’t therapy. If during the sessions we discover that other support is needed, I can help you to find that. 


Your investment: 190USD/1250DKK to be paid in full before the first session. 

Sessions are held in English or Danish.


Contact me if you have any questions regarding these sessions and wether they are the right fit for you.