you are held, you are seen, you are heard

StoryKeeping Sessions for Women. <3


At times we comes across times in our life when our story seems without meaning. Maybe we have embarked on practices that have told us to *simply* move past the story. We may feel that the story unfolding in our life is too big a mouthful to share with those close to us. 

And sometimes along this path you can feel a disconnect. From yourself. From the ground beneath your feet. 

You need to be witnessed, held, heard. The deep support to be with the story playing out in your being. You are not alone. 


Sharing your story and healing the disconnect it may have created, is what these sessions offer. 

We use deep listening as our practice. Sharing from the heart, the body rather than just the mind.

You show up and gently allow your roots to grow deep. 


This is for you if you

  • are going through a difficult life transition and need support in your journey
  • want to honor your story and allow meaning to unfold from it
  • long to sit in sacred space with your story 
  • want reconnect to your the enormous wisdom you already hold
Carina has the gift to be able to hold the space in such beautiful way. No unnecessary interruptions, no unnecessary comments, no pressure to try to resonate. She wasn’t there to show me she gets me or how smart she is, just to love me with my stories by holding the space. As a story keeper Carina brings the gift of healing in a sort of lost art. Holding space like nobody to be able to tell our stories in a way that we want to remember them. I felt so whole.”
— “ Fernanda Lodeiro, Whole Fertile Life And Feminine Leadership


  • You create new meaning in your story.
  • You heal the wounds created by feeling trapped in the story
  • You create sacred space around the transitions on your life
  • You get time to breathe in deeply, exhale and release.
  • You tap into the wise wild woman you already are


This is an intuitive journey. Shining the light on something deeper within.


For the rest of 2017 this will be a pay what you can off. I want to honor women's stories. 


This is how I can contribute. There is a minimum of $40 per session. The scale being $40 / $50 / $60 / $70 / $80 / $90 / $100 per session


You pay the amount that you can. I know this can be uncomfortable for some, but allow this to be a practice of trust, me to you and you to me, this is not about the money but the healing space this can provide. Payments are made via PayPal. 


Get in touch and see if this is the right fit for you.


What’s included

  • We come together over the course of 3x 60 min via skype
  • Email with descriptions of the rituals and practices you want to connect with
  • Email support during sessions

About Carina

Using her extensive training in meditation and teaching and years of holding space for women, Carina draws on meditation techniques, StoryKeeper practices and years of teaching to create the sacred, present and compassionate space for the StoryKeeper Sessions. More so over the years her own practice with Earth Medicine supports her in these healing sessions. 


Kind words from others who have taken part in the Storykeeper Sessions

““To commune with you around my birth story felt so completely right and nourishing. The StoryKeeping was a release. A safe, deeply held space to release the story from my body. I felt lighter, more open and more free & flowing following the session. It actually brings tears to my eyes as I feel back into the loving, safe, amazing space you held for me to step into.” Shannon Ledford, founder of Honoring the Feminine


 “I had the pleasure of having a session with Carina recently that made me realize a few key things to help me progress in my personal healing. Talking to Carina, even via Skype, was like talking to an old friend - a seamless transition in personal discussions after a quick introductory chat. We all have stories - not all have to be burden.” Marta M


“I felt so nurtured and able to share my story that had previously always felt heavy to share. I feel different about my story now that I have shared it in this session. I feel like I received the nurturing and care that I so desired when I was giving birth. I felt held. When I think of my story now I am more drawn to my girls rather then the actual birthing experience. I so needed this. A powerful session in the most supported and non intrusive manner. Thank you Carina” Charmaine D.


*This offer isn’t therapy. If during the sessions we discover that other support is needed I can help you to find that. 

For questions about these session send me a note.