These sessions are sold out for the rest of 2015. I will be opening for new clients again in January 2016. 

I recommend that you check out the self-study eCourses in the shop.


There are stories that go deeper, than what you had for dinner last night. Stories that support how you see your place and worth in the world. 

It is a web of experience and meaning. It is patterns, some supportive others that leave you feeling lost. 

Soul Story Sessions is a 6 session transformational coaching and storekeeping offer.

Soul stories are deeper within us. Some are unspoken, some unclear, but I know you sense that they are alive in you. We all have them. 

They are about 

  • why you have to loose weight, and the pain of never getting it right
  • be a better mother, guilt and not being enough cloud all of amazing you are
  • how you be spiritual the right way, feeling that you and your path should look a certain way 
  • put yourself last, others are in more need than you and you give and give and give 
  • laugh quieter, ever been told that you are a little too much...  
  • dance when no one is looking, you don't deserve to be seen 
  • be happy, be more grateful, too depressed or negative
  • work more, your are not doing enough
  • stress less, you are doing too much

...and the list can go on.

These stories often don't feel too damn good. Have you ever questioned if they are your truth? 

What if you were to choose how it plays out in your life?