V-Steam Herb Blend: NOURISH 100% organic

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V-Steam Herb Blend: NOURISH 100% organic



This includes herbs for 4 steams.

Shipping will be added and comes to 8USD worldwide.

The v-steam blend is designed to nourish

From the nourishing effects of nettle and chamomile to the flowery smell of lavender and rose. This v-steam blend will be gentle in it’s steam and to the senses.

The herbs used are 100% organic and locally grown in Europe.

They come loose in a sealed bag, so you can weigh out the herbs before making the steam, or do it more intuitively, hand measuring the amount you would like to use.


  • Herbs such as: Marigold, nettle, lavender, rose, chamomile and more

  • PDF guide (digital) on how to setup for the v-steam

This blend is for women who:

  • desire to connect to their womb and, vaginal area, yoni, down there

  • want a gentle way of rediscovering this area of the body

  • want a selfcare practice that supports the body and nourishes the soul

Caution: You should not steam when:

  • pregnant

  • during and after ovulation if trying to conceive

  • have an active infection

Please note by law: These blends are no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information included herein, including information relating to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, is for exploration and wellness purposes only.

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