V-Steam 3 Month Plan


V-Steam 3 Month Plan


What Is Included In the 3 Month Steam Plan?

  • A questionnaire to assess what's going on with you and hear all your questions and concerns. 
  • A ‘How to’ guide to set you up for your steams
  • A recorded meditation to use before/during/after the steam. This will help you to relax and really embrace the sessions.
  • A Custom 3 Month Steam Plan, sent via email
  • A monthly cycle analysis and adjustments to the steam plan if they are needed - support via email

What's Not Included?

  • In Person or phone meetings
  • Vaginal Steam Supplies
  • Vaginal Steam Live Sessions

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Please note by law: These plans are no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information included herein, including information relating to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, is for exploration and wellness purposes only.

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