Born amongst the Natives in Northern Canada and now living in Denmark, Carina Lyall has operated from the depths of Bosnia and Kosovo with the military to working with meditation and MBSR on home soil, eventually finding her calling within the field of women’s circles, healing through story work, movement and the earth. 

Her main inspiration is nature, the elements and everyday rituals.

Working through anxiety, and severe stress herself she now supports women to break free from numbness and overwhelm to feeling alive, connected and happy in their everyday life. She dreams that we show up for our lives, with strength to hold the difficult and openness to the simple pleasures.

Humor, simplicity, self-care and oddness excite Carina She is trained in women’s story work, meditation and yoga. Carina also works as a mentor for women, specializing in yoga for women’s bodies, cycles and feminine qualities in practice.

Carina also draws from her 3 years of teacher training in Mindfulness Meditation with renowned teachers Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman, as well as completing her in-depth MBSR (Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) in Denmark.

Throughout the years she has received teaching from teachers such as Noah Levine, Binnie Dansby, Anna Verwaal, Andrew Fretwell, Diane Pool Heller, Frank Uyttebroeck, Sora Surya No and more.




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“Carina has a rare talent for spotting deep patterns, unfolding them and in a very holding space, supporting you to move towards a place where you feel most comfortable. She is a rock and inspiration that allows people around her to unfold. And she is liberatingly open-minded and non-judging. Carina is a woman who is a gift to have by your side” Laila Torsheim, yoga teacher and psychologist at 


“Carina brought me to a good place, both as an individual and most importantly amongst others in a close, comfortable radius. Her carefully planned themes were focused on sharing insights, both hers and ours. Carina’s knowledge and questions brought us skillfully to sharing and building our thoughts. Her form of guidance is based on seeing both the personal and the universal, the shared and the unique in us, and bringing us the next step. There are many others around that though invariably very different form ourselves share the same. We are women. And Carina is a gem. You nurtured both body and mind.” Christine