Retreat with Rachel Corby 

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A weekend of personal rewilding and plant whispering

Rewilding on a personal level is about overcoming our domesticated state, about stripping back layers of conditioning, so that we can reconnect with our wild beginnings and reintegrate with the other species we share this planet with, and indeed with the planet itself, with Gaia as a whole. 

This weekend will serve as an introduction to personal rewilding and give you some techniques, tools and pointers that you can use on your own rewilding path, your journey back to wholeness as a consciously interacting part of Gaia.

To facilitate your personal rewilding journey, you will be introduced to the art of plant whispering. Plant whispering involves direct communication with plant spirits and results in deeply personal messages from the plant realms.


Our weekend together will be a time of letting go of what you think you know and allowing the plants, the landscape, the animals, to teach you directly. This work is highly experiential, you will learn through experiencing, a method which touches each of your senses and your heart, and so becomes easier to remember than simply learning from books.

During the weekend you will learn unique processes to help reawaken your ability to learn directly from other species, plants especially. You will develop your own unique relationship with the plants we encounter and gain an understanding of their individual personalities, sacred medicine, spirit essence, and guidance. 


You will learn to listen to your own body wisdom. 
You will tune into your senses and allow them to tell you about the world as you go forest bathing. 
You will learn of food and medicine plants that are growing all around you during foraging walks.
You will learn and practice direct perception, using your heart as your primary organ of perception. 

As you walk barefoot you will feel the benefits of Earthing and make a deep connection with the soil and all the myriad lifeforms that live therein. You will re-engage with your child-like ability to constantly feel awe. You will reconnect with yourself as Gaia ~ there is no separation.

You will leave feeling more deeply connected. You will have the confidence to connect with plant spirits by yourself and a sense of deeper belonging to this green planet and of your place deeply embedded within the wild Gaian community.


Accommodation: You will be camping outdoors, bring your own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag etc. If the weather is great, you may want to sleep under the stars. 

Food: Meals served are vegetarian organic meals. Some will be cooked over the fire. 
Breakfast will consist of porridge with yum toppings. And of course a little something sweet. 

Price: Early Bird - 2850DKK before August 1st. After August 1st the price is 3300DKK. 
If you need to cancel your spot for som reason, there is a cancellation fee of 500DKK. 

When and Where: September 1st - 2nd. In the Forest - Holsteinborgvej 149b, 4243 Rude. 

To sign up please contact me at 


Rachel Corby is a plant whisperer, medicine woman and organic permaculture gardener. Rachel has been working with plants and their healing properties since having her eyes opened to the incredible healing world of plants whilst working on a volunteer project in Guatemala back in 1998.

Rachel has been teaching remedy making and how to make more spiritual connections with plants since 2006. She runs workshops, online courses and retreats teaching these skills and encouraging the rewilding process. She is the author of the book, Rewilding Yourself; Becoming Nature.