For Women Who Gather 

Imagine looking around and seeing the space where your women are about to gather.

Imagine each woman as they enter the room and taking their seat.

Imagine looking into their eyes and seeing them, holding them, hearing their longing to be here, be a part of this tribe.

Imagine creating a space in which women can come and feel free and connected.

Imagine your vision become real and you are holding this sacred space.

Do you have a vision of Gathering your Tribe of Women?

Need support to feel you are deeply rooted and held as you step up as a Spaceholder?

This is for those of you who want to jive around creating and holding space for women. 

These sessions use the co-creative spirit to dream up and birth your gathering. .

Together we play with: 

  • Planning

  • Getting the invitation out there 

  • Opening, closing circle

  • How to structure your time

  • Exercises 

  • Movement practices

  • What happens if women leave, are triggered, complain

  • Playlists and Tools

  • Energy of creating space

  • Group Dynamics 

And a last important piece of remembering self care while holding women to go deep

Skærmbillede 2018-05-01 kl. 13.55.23.png

Why you may ask - I’ve always done things on my own. When I finally dared to ask for help, support, input, advice, ideas… the work became lighter, more fun, vibrant.

You will walk away with:

  • clarity

  • a notebook full of hands-on tools to create your gatherings

  • inspiration on creative themes, setup, exercises

  • support and confidence that you’ve got this

I’ve done women’s groups, courses, ceremonies and women’s circles for over 8 years. 

The last year I’ve supported women wanting to gather their own tribes. Bringing the magic and power of circle into communities all of the World. 

I know a lot about this as a beautiful experience, and also when it can be challenging. I know what we can do when we come together and also that for many of us we have to re-learn to feel safe in a tribe. 

This is why it can be vital to have support along the way. 

These sessions are for those of you who do circles, groups, courses and want support in your role as a spaceholder. 


One off session $90

3x Sessions $225

What you get:

Sessions are done via Zoom and are 60 min. long. 

They can be done in Danish or English <3

Before our session you can send me your material so I look at your ideas and support you further during our time together.

If you are interested let’s talk about how, when and a deeper chat into how we can work together.

Click below to send a message.