IMAGINE living in peace with your body.
beginning to honor what your body KNOWs.

Feeling in harmony with the waves of your that move through you each Month.


What if your menstrual cycle was your ally? A way for you to live a more sustainable life. Where you aren't fighting your energy, resources, waves.

One where listen more deeply to what your system is telling you. 

Relax when needed, act when pulled, on time, off time when called.


I want to help you reclaim the wisdom and power of your cycle, of your body. I want you to tune into a deeper listening and knowing of your desires.

I want you to align with the femimine within, in a ways that serves you and not based on should and what everyone else is doing.

You have your feedback system, you have a knowing of what works for you.
I want you to trust that inner voice. 

This a way back to listening in. Hearing what's being told. Finding ways to live more in tune with that. 


These sessions are stepping stones into the wealth of wisdom you already hold. You will be given tools that can increase your energy and wellbeing throughout the month. Know your strengths and how to care for the areas you feel challenged. 

You will dive deep into feminine practices and increase ease, nourishment, power, and pleasure in your everyday life. 

You will:

  • learn the power of and how to track your cycle
  • understand PMS and what you can do to ease symptoms 
  • learn and try womb care practices
  • journal and reflect to release the stories and beliefs you hold around your moon time 
  • meditate and visualize for relaxation and knowledge
  • bring the masculine and feminine within into harmony
  • do movement practices. I will provide playlists if desired. 

the practical stuff

We meet for 4x 60min sessions over the span of 2 months. This gives you 2 moon cycles to really integrate your learnings. In between sessions you will be getting deep into the material in an intuitive way. This supports you let the tools, aha's, reflections unfold in the way that serves you the best. 

After the 3rd month we will connect for a 30min. follow up session to see how you are doing. 

Sessions are held via Skype (audio only). We can do them in Danish or English

Your investment: $450 - Also included in the price: meditations, visualizations and track sheets you need.



Curious? Want to know more? Let me answer your questions