Last run of the course starts October 5th

What if the ordinary wasn't the dullest thing you could think of?

What if you could spark a 'breath fresh air' into your everyday life?

What if true joy and contentment was already available?


I invite you to this 6 week dive into the ordinary. 

Carina’s knowledge and questions brought us skillfully to sharing and building our thoughts. Her form of guidance is based on seeing both the personal and the universal, the shared and the unique in us, and bringing us the next step. There are many others around that though invariably very different form ourselves share the same. We are women. And Carina is a gem. You nurtured both body and mind.
— Christine


I have spent a lot of time being busy. Searching the world for joy, ecstacy, the big sensations I was sure would make me happy...

I have also spent a lot of time locked in behind my phone or computer. Working to get somewhere. Filled with worry, anxiety, a sense of not being successful in my life.    

I got stuck in feeling like a cliché - average life, changing diapers, average to low on cash and bling, a few but great friends, 2,5 kids and sex on Wednesdays- but it so wasn't! 

Learning to stop and listen to my children giggle, open my senses more, do the creative things that make me feel alive, enjoy the pleasures available, have made me see just how close to my goal of joy I was.

It slapped me in the face daily, I just needed to un-numb to feel it.  

What a difference it has made to me and the people close to me.




Carina has a rare talent for spotting deep patterns, unfolding them and in a very holding space, supporting you to move towards a place where you feel most comfortable. She is a rock and inspiration that allows people around her to unfold. And she is liberatingly open-minded and non-judging. Carina is a woman who is a gift to have by your side.
— Laila Torsheim, yoga teacher and psychologist at

This I know...

The only moment we have for certain, is this one. 

What you do with it is up to you...

We all want to feel content, and still the patterns and wheels we find ourselves stuck in can be so challenging to release. But it can be done. 

You can still aim high, but I truely believe that if we start where we are, with what we have we will reach joy, feel full, feel love beyond what we think is out there. 

You don’t have to go away on retreat for 5 years or meditate for 5 hours a day, or erase the f-word from your vocabulary to feel inner peace and joy. You can find a practice and a way back in that is right for you. 

This course will help you find your path to being more awake in your life. At the end of the course, you will have made your joy a higher priority. Something you are more than worthy of!  

We will sit mindfully, dance, laugh, play and reflect. We will create the space for you to experience a freer you. 



Week one - Presence 

In week one you’ll learn:

  • How to slow down as well as enjoy the ride
  • What presence is and how it can help you
  • How to get off auto-pilot and into the moment
  • Whether everything is really easier said than done
  • Simple ways to practice, integrate and have fun with the art of presence

Week two - awaken the body 


In our time together, you will: 

  • simplify your life, creating space for a breath of fresh air
  • have more fun, play and snort laughs as a daily practice
  • release stress through the art of pleasure 
  • become friends with your body, you are NOT a floating head
  • unleash your creativity - yes you are a creative being! 
  • experience the power of self-love and nourishment
  • learn how to prioritize YOU a little more in a busy life
  • get the tools, that will support this journey beyond cyberspace and these 6 weeks


In week two you will discover:

  • Body shmody... is it just the thing that gets your head from A to B?
  • How to listen more closely to your body
  • How to unfold great things when you listen to what your body is saying
  • The wonders of the body
  • How to live more freely

Week three - Simplifying Life 

In week three we will look at:

  • The things that can trip us up
  • What keeps us in a wheel of overwhelm and stress
  • How you complicate things and how to get out of the rut
  • Inspiration to turn repetitive patterns around
  • What things are simple but not less important

Week four - play and creativity

In week four we will explore:

  • Our creative beings and how sometimes the voice gets lost
  • Setting our minds on one way of understanding play and creativity
  • Self-expression and creating what you desire

Week five - Pleasure and nourishment  

In week five you will understand:

  • That you are worthy of pleasure and nourishment
  • That it doesn’t have to be a thing you return to once a year
  • What pleasure is to you and how you can have it often
  • How you can prioritize pleasure more

Week six - self-compassion and care 


We start October 5th! 

final awake in the ordinary.jpg

In week six we will reflect one:

  • Why you are worthy of Self-compassion
  • Why is so important to expand our ability to forgive, love and hold ourselves in a more gentle way
  • Why we don’t need that harsh self-talk and tone
  • Why this will be vital as you move on from here


  • This is a self-pace course, with an interactive community to support and keep you accountable.
  • Each week a new theme will be released. With 80+ pages combined in workbooks, guided meditations, guest interviews, reflections, videos and a few extras. 
  • Throughout the course you will be asked to spend 15-20 minutes a day on the topic.
  • You are creating a solid foundation for a freer you that will continue to play long after these 6 weeks have ended. 
  • I regularly hold open free circles, which will also provide further support if you attend. 



We have a wonderful line-up of women sharing their words of awesomeness with us. Bea Johnson from "Zero Waste Home", will be talking about Simplicity. Michelle McGrath opens up to Self-care and compassion. Krylyn Peters shines a light on getting out of your own way. Lisa Lister, the Sassy Sister, shares the importance of knowing your flow, body and cycle. Julie Daley, my kindred spirit talks to us about play and creativity. Christine Arylo, talks us into why we should be madly in love with ourselves. And maybe a few surprises along the way... 



                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Do I need to be an experienced meditator?

Anyone can join. This not solely a meditation course, and I will guide you with the how-to’s along the way.You will be introduced to various types of meditations and some will speak to you more than others. And don’t be scared, this isn’t about being perfect, it is about being open. 

What do I need to take the course?

  • a journal or notebook. Nothing fancy, just a place for you to jot down answers, questions and insights. If you are more of a tech person, use your computer.
  • all meditations can be downloaded to iTunes, so a headset and smartphone may be handy so you have the practices with you wherever you go
  • not really a tool, but let your family and friends know that for the next 6 weeks you will be spending more
  • time with and for yourself. Most often they understand and will lovingly support you. It is important for yourself as well that you are voicing this commitment.
  • anything that you feel comfortable in and on: warm socks, blankets, yoga mats, cushions etc. for practices, although none of this is required to feel the benefits.

How much time will I have to invest?

15-20 minutes a day to read emails and do the practices. And then again the how-much or how-little is up to you. Make this work for you. What I can say is, the more you invest the more you get, but people still walk away from with smallest reflections with huge insights. 

What if I fall behind?

Once you have purchased the course you can keep the content for life. Also you will have access to the Facebook group as long as you care for. I also regularly hold open free circles, which will also provide further support if you attend. 

Will I be able to get support while I am doing the course?

Read under “What if I fall behind” 

What if I don’t enjoy the course - can I get a refund?

Of course that would be a bummer. I can also say that I am pretty sure, that if you put in the time, and intention you will see the benefits from these practices. 7 Days after your purchase you will not be eligible for a refund, by this time you will have received material.


We start October 5th

(this will also be your last chance to take the course - come join us)