I’m Carina Jean Lyall.

I work with women

their stories, bodies, ways and in community


I am an odd mix of everything - most of us are.

  • I like full moon meditation and gangsta rap.
  • Woo woo and not.
  • My cycle is a solid foundation in my life, but I would never call myself a Goddess.
  • Three people call me mom, and I have days where I still get surprised, "Oh yeah that's me".
  • We are working towards a semi zero waste lifestyle, it stings to see the shit we do to the Earth
  • I am a crier, and get overly excited about small things
  • I love black humor the most.

More than anything I am human, and with that comes pain, joy, grief, ecstasy and days of just blah. I am in love with the ordinary.

And with all of that said, the WHO I AM is in a constant change and transition through life - and that to me is so the most exciting part.

I hold space for women to heal and feel empowered through story work, community, movement and the Earth.