Why do it at all?

I AM BACK - in english. :) So I joined the blog challenge over at the suitcase entrepreneur. And this is day 1... Today is all about why? Something that in business has been a great adventure the past 3 years. Why do I do what I do - and at other times "what the hell am I doing...?"

I started this blog back in 2011, because I wanted to share my story. I wanted to let people know how I use and practice meditation in everyday life. I have 2 daughters, a business, loads of friends I have neglected and a big family that I love. It is important to me that practice, integrating meditation and becoming more present in life, is down to earth. It is doable for everyone.

I feel very passionate about inspiring others to own their story, and break free from the drama of it, and use it to connect to their sense of worth and belonging. Because of that I want to share mine - honest, connected, and out loud.

That being said, I fell off the wagon. I had a good start, then business panic, then work freeze, then another baby, and bam 2 years later there hasn't been a lot of activity.

So the amazing Natalie Sisson sent me an email, gave me a push and I am back to share, listen and connect to my creativity again.

I am back on Twitter as well... Oh my. Maybe you would like to connect? I'm at @mindfulground

See you tomorrow. :)