What to do when you wake up and the dog shits on your mood…

This morning I woke up, the birds were singing, the kids were quiet, my man was snoring a little less than earlier that night, and the sun peeked through the trees outside my window.

All in all, pure bliss, until my pregnant super sonic sense of smell picked up on something odd and I remembered all the to do’s, and what happened at 3am…


Cut to the night before…

We had given the dog a proper bone. Norma was busy for 3 hours with the thing, and we had the couch to ourselves - bonus. But as a parent staying up passed 9.30pm it too hard, I was tired and kissed my man goodnight and went to bed to read “The Alchemist”. 

I started to nod off after 2 pages (I am thinking that maybe the life changing experience of reading the book, will never happen at that pace). I gave in and went to sleep. 

3am I wake up because the two year old was screaming 2 inches from my face, that she couldn't find her teddy. It took me about 15 minutes on all 4's, naked, in the dark, without my glasses on, to find her teddy. Emergency over. Goodnight. 

4am; elbowed the man as the snoring was out of this world - don’t lie on your BAAAAAAAACK. 

Cut back to this morning… 

So the dog and the bone!

Super sonic pregoo nose. 

Something is wrong. In all the beauty of this morning glory, the oder of dog shit was outrages. Please no. I am not cleaning it up - I can’t. I feel sick. I woke him up, begging him to take care of it only to get a super annoyed reply “It will be there in 30 minutes, now go back to sleep”. 

For the next 30 minutes I breathed through my mouth. Shifting between gagging and drifting off.

Luckily he was my hero and cleaned, what turned out to cover most of the living room floor, up - so gross. Note to self, don’t buy that kind of bone again. 

But the shit stuck to my mood and I spent an hour staring angry at the wall. 

My medicine for starting the day like this is to make a nice cup of tea, and take a moment to do nothing. If I wasn’t pregnant maybe it would be a morning mojito. 

Before I go outside with my cup of tea, I wish you a jolly good day.