The Ordinary Woman: Ashley Taylor Yannello

I have invited women, ordinary, amazing women to share their story. I love listening to stories about life. And we all have an extraordinary, ordinary story to share. Today a dear sister shares her stories. Please meet Ashley... <3


Tell us a bit about yourself, age, where you live. kids, partner.

It’s a pleasure to “meet” you! I’m Ashley Taylor Yannello. I’ll be 30 this May and I currently reside in Chicago, IL. I’ve been in evolution and discovery since birth like all of us but I really kicked it up and dove inward and into spiritual work back in 2010. You can read more about my beginning and the start of my entrepreneurial pursuits over on my website, if you are curious. I’ll be completely real with you, these last four years have not been easy! There has been a lot of ups, more downs and plenty of dark tunnels. That is life. It is constantly happening all around us – some of it just is out of our control or we just don’t see it coming. Yet, I believe everything I’ve gone through, all the cards I’ve been dealt up to this point happened for a much bigger reason.

The universe knew I was strong and I would get through it all. I’ve discovered more and gone through more shifts and awakenings in the last five years than probably my entire life thus far. I have experienced many “births” and “deaths” throughout everything. Not actually speaking but you get what I mean. I’ve gone through more reinventions of both myself and my business than I can count. Socially, I have been in every possible social clique and spent a ton of money on clothes, shoes, alcohol, cigarettes and clubs in my early 20’s. I was hiding from myself. I never fully knew who I was, what I actually loved or what I wanted to be. I had a big desire of “fitting in” and being liked yet I also deep within never believed I was worthy or that I was good enough.

I know what it’s like to be completely broke and struggling yet I also know what it’s like to be in success and thriving. I’ve gotten a wait list of clients in 24 hours and single handedly created, built and led one of the very first telesummits (Rocking Confidence) with 20+ key thought leaders. I’ve also launched offerings with no sign ups (multiple times). I’ve invested a lot into myself and my business. From masterminds, websites, self help courses and books, shamanic healers, photo shoots…I don’t regret a dime or a second of any of it. The first mastermind and BIG investment I made broke me open. It changed me and started my desire for more and it was the beginning of my business.

I’ve found love and I’ve also lost love and endured heartache from both friends and lovers. I’ve moved more times than I can count on one hand in these last four years and been in and out of corporate day jobs. I’ve been at shitty jobs paying 10 dollars a hour to amazing jobs. I’ve been a manager and a subordinate. I’ve been fired, laid off and employee of the month. I’ve traveled, laughed, cried and learned more in the last four years than I ever thought was possible. I finally feel like I am me. I finally feel connected to the world as I should. I feel whole. All of these lessons I learned from all the ups and downs and detours presented to me from the Divine are more powerful than all my schooling (BA in Communications + MBA in eCommerce +

Certified Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition for the curious along with being a Reiki Healer) and they all are appreciated with the highest praise. In the present moment I turn to gratitude. Gratitude for shaping me into this amazing being of light writing you. The journey I’ve been on thus far has been profound and one for the books. I can’t possibly get all the lessons, all the emotions and the experiences out onto this little web page! This is just a taste of me, my journey and why I’m “qualified” to guide you. I’ve dabbled a lot. I’ve shed. I’ve let go. I’ve found the light at the end of every dark tunnel. I’m still evolving and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am here to shed my light to you so that you in turn can shine YOUR light. Know this dear one - Everything and Anything is possible.

  • What is one story in your life that you have had to heal?

I’ve had several “stories” and ego based beliefs that I’ve had to heal and continue to monitor. The one that comes to mind that was so huge was when I declared my break up with struggle. I know the day I made this commitment it changed SO much If you are ready to set the intention and declare this, I've created a cute little PDF that you can print and sign.

  • What supported you through this journey?

Community! Sisterhood! A fabulous support team of mentors and healers. Along with deepening my own spiritual practice and truly feeling the vibrations and trusting everything that the Divine was presenting. Even the icky parts. It was all for the greater expansion. My connection with spirit, my higher self and the Divine has been hugely transformative. When you feel most alone is right when you need to deepen your spiritual practice. It is in that loneliest moment that the Divine is your greatest companion.

  • How do you use the wisdom of that story/healing as you move forward in your life?

Knowing and being okay with the “failures” I think has been a big part of my healing process. Failures and bumps in your life do not mean it’s the end for you! In my upcoming book, “Embracing the F Word - Using Failure As Fuel” I will be sharing more in depth on how I have been able to get past multiple “failures” and moments of despair and frustration.

Know that you can choose to drive in the face of fear and leave the past and failure in the dust and leave it in the rear view. The big trick for me was to finally come to terms with the past and find the lesson, the bigger reason, the grace (read all about finding your grace here) in these darker moments. I can now finally see that all those mistakes, all the failures and all the struggle and dark, hard times happened for a reason. I had to endure all of it so I could be of service to YOU. Knowing that it’s allowed to course correct and adjust our sails! I move forward with gratitude, trust and a deep spiritual practice.

  • Can you share one everyday pleasure you prioritize in your life?

My self time, my morning and evening rituals are so crucial and it is something that takes priority in my life everyday! We choose how we wish to feel and show up and yes, react to difficult less than perfect situations. Make the choice to find happiness in small doses. Start experiencing your experiences! I find ways to celebrate daily.

  • Share a wild or big dream you have for yourself and/or your loved ones.  

Big wild dreams....I am fully committed to wrapping up my first book this spring/summer. I will be leading workshops and Shine Your Soul Retreats and continuing to be a SoulSpirit Guide along with being the facilitator of my sacred virtual sisterhood, The Soul Sister Society. I am serious about women SHINING their souls, being themselves fully and feeling confident inside + out while celebrating and living fully. I would love for women and the world to collectively wake up and realize how much love and support can change the world! I am here to be of service!

Ashley Taylor Yannello is a heartfelt multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is a leader and motivational guiding light for women of all backgrounds. Driven, ambitious along with a heart of gold, Ashley is someone that you will instantly feel warmth and love from. Ashley is known best as a mentor, healer and guide that inspires women to finally feel confident in letting their souls shine and to truly celebrate their lives on a daily basis while embarking and deepening their spiritual practice. She is the SOUL + Spirit Guide + Celebration Coach™, Creator + Founder of The Soul Sister Society™, Curator + Hostess of Shine Your Soul™ Retreats.