The Becoming Nature Podcast

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Something exhilarating is happening.

And I just know you’re going to love it.

My brand newpodcast, Becoming Nature, launches this week.

To say I am excited is an understatement!

Becoming Nature is here to inspire you to come closer to nature.






Even more so this is a personal launch. Saturday the 25th marks a special day, the podcast goes live on what would have been my dear friend's 48th birthday. She passed away in January and I wanted this season 1 to be a tribute to her, to her work, to our friendship. A tribute to the change we wanted to see. The hikes and ceremonies we did together in Nature. And also just a tribute to how much she inspired me, cheered me on and never thought anything I came up with was a shitty idea. ;) 

Are all of these interviews perfect, no. Not in the polished sense, but they did move me - every single one of the people who came on inspire me. They have something to say and a strong voice for change. 

The wonderful guests I will be hosting will inspire and motivate you in encouraging ways to live more sustainably, connected to the Earth beneath your feet!

They will show you what choices you can make in your own life to leave a gentle footprint on the planet. 

Honoringour homes, the body and Earth. 

Honoringthe wisdom of both. 

Celebrating the options we have to live more sustainable lives. 


They will do the same for you; I guarantee it. 

You’ll learn about actions you can take in your own lives to live more sustainably in the nature of your body and the nature around you. You will begin to feel clear around why this is important.

In Becoming Nature, I feed the ‘what we can do’and not just the horror stories. 

The inspiration may be born from urgency and the pain that we inflict on ourselves and the earth, but I don’t want to create panic. I want to call out the wisdom, knowledge and hope for the power we hold in our choices. 

The people I interview … their work is so important and there is a hunger for it within this community that you are apart of.

Guests will include Callie from Alone season 3, Clare Dubois; the founder of TreeSisters, Stephen Jenkinson, A plastic Planet, Easky Britton, Luke from the Holistic Survival School and more. They are an inspiration, and through their words they will impart wisdom to you on Becoming Nature.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this thrilling new podcast adventure.

My first episode 'Turning off the Plastic Tap', will be airing on August 25th via iTunes.

Stay tuned and follow the blog, Instagram or Facebook to listen in...