The Beautiful Ordinary

Something I love more and more is the word Ordinary. For a long time it was totally not sexy or desirable and I find we run really fast to get away from it. 

As an entrepreneur I get told to and spend a shit load of time, defining why I am anything but ordinary - I am to share all my amazingness with you. We all have that too, it's great, but I also feel that what connects us as humans is the ordinary, common humanity. 

It ain't 6-figures coming in each day or getting on Oprah. Nothing wrong with that at all, it for me just doesn't categorize as ordinary. It only connects a few.

The ordinary is what makes me feel less alone, what makes me laugh, what connects me to others, what allows me to breath and exhale with a phew... I am not the only one. I love listening to stories about people's lives, their fears and their joys. 

So I scribbled down a little on what comes up for me in my life, the ordinary, the ugly and the beautiful.

The ordinary in my life is... (or toothpaste), on my clothes when I show up for a meeting. It really happens, and I am so sure I checked before I left the house... (ordinary or slob)

...tearing up and the first school intro meeting for my oldest. The teacher happened to mention something about reading. I cry a lot. 

...toilet paper

...fearing that something will happen to my loved ones. And thinking that the best solution would be to just keep everyone at home all the times.

...regreting the statement above after a week of everyone being at home, sick. Now contemplating  different ways to deal with my fear of death.

...not enough sleep, and waking up some mornings just to be stunned by the reflection in the mirror - why the hell do I look like a man when I tired. 

...going to bed at 7:45pm and hating to admit it. No, last night, yeah we hosted a dinner for 15 of our closest friends... not. 

...feeling out of control on Amazon. "but babe, it's so weird, I only ordered 2 books and they happened to send 6. 


...making mistakes. And the shame of having made one. The harsh inner-voice telling me off for not mastering it all. 

...the simple fact that many times I just don't know...

What's your ordinary?