On purpose with Helene Scott

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Helene is here to talk about doing business on purpose. She is so down to earth and fun - and even if you aren't in business you are going to enjoy her insights, they go beyond. 

HÉLÈNE SCOTT helps daring female solopreneurs build the business they were born to create, by identifying their why, owning it + acting on it with conviction.

With a background in graphic, web + user experience design, plus years of building brands + start-ups from the ground up — Hélène offers a highly intuitive + empathetic approach on how to craft a brand + business that is undeniably YOU, which in turn acts like a homing device to the very people you most want to serve.

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signature free training —> http://helenescott.com/brand-on-purpose/

mastermind membership —> http://helenescott.com/bop-collective/

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