My Monica closet.

It is no secret that I often feel challenged with the mess of having kids, a dog and a man who doesn't have the same need for tidying as me. I wouldn't want to call myself a cleaning fanatic or obsessed with order (pretty sure none of our friends would either), but clutter stresses me. 

We moved into this house a year ago. For 30 years a sweet man lived here before us. He spent most of his time drinking and smoking and not really cleaning. So it is no understatement that this place needed a little work. Till this day I feel nauseous just thinking about removing wallpaper - never again. 

Anyway, most of the house is really nice, we worked hard. But one little storage room/stair case needed a little love. And I couldn't be asked. Let's close the door and come back next year. It smelled, the spiders were having a right party and who needs old poster casings really?

The before... 

Then I was on a call with a woman who is a Feng Shui expert. 'Oh yeah Carina, that's your wealth corner'.. of course it is.

So it was time - to wrestle the clutter and get some space into my wealth corner/clutter shrine/Monica closet. 

Since my wealth corner was swamped, our budget was low, and I just used what we had at home and bought a few extra supplies for around $30.

I robbed the kid's creative shelf and cut petals for 2 hours. The man looked sceptic. 'where are they going up?'.

It's still a storage room, an old house and has a little basement smell, but go wealth corner. 

And tada here's the after. 

Anywhere you feel you could do some spring cleaning?