My holiday in numeros...

This year I took the first 3 weeks off since I went solo 5 years ago... hurrying along, so we don't get into why that is a fact, I decided to do the 3 weeks, offline... well anyway this is how my Summer and those 3 weeks took shape - in numbers. Evenings with sis and man, by a fire, drinking a mojito as an owl flew by under the shining stars: 1 - would love to redo this one though. It was pretty awesome.

Music Festivals: 2. 1 with my man and 1 with the kids, man, sisters and friends. I had so much fun and loved the music.

My holiday
My holiday

Lice: HA! I want to say none, but enough is more like it. The whole family itching away and kids screaming as we try to comb the buggers out with a comb, that I'm not too sure hair can get through.

Mice: Not in hair, but in cupboard 3

Days at the beach: 10

Kids tantrums: stopped counting after 15

My tantrums: stopped counting after 5

Beautiful Sunsets: 25

Carina Lyall Sunsets
Carina Lyall Sunsets

Days offline (planned): 21

Days offline (actual numbers): 15

Days offline (actual, truthful, numbers): 9

Books read: 19. Oh no sorry that was books bought... books read to the end: 0

Birthdays: 1 - mine

Strawberries eaten: 20kg

My holiday in numbers
My holiday in numbers

Floors painted blue: 2

Runs: 15!!!! High fiving myself as I write that number.

Number of baby selfies on the phone: 150+

kids selfie
kids selfie

Number of cool photos, videos and apps deleted from phone: 17. That's what you get when you try to steal 5 more minutes of sleep by slipping your kids the phone.

Awesome evenings with friends: 8

Ideas for writing, courses, people to interview for the podcast: 1117 and I can't wait to get started again.

Just a little peak into the great Summer Holiday in 2014. <3