Morning walks...

Since we got Norma in the beginning of February I have gone for morning walks with her. It has become my morning ritual, which I stick to most mornings. It is also the first ritual that I really really enjoy without force. 

There is something a little magical about being in slow pace, when the rest of the world is hurrying to get places. And I have become friends with a lot of the old people around here. 

It has made a big difference in how I function the rest of the day and I really feel it when I don’t get out for that walk. 

We live in this amazing place where the beach is 5 minutes away, our house is in the woods, a cozy little town close by and many places to go exploring with a dog. 

Even though (ew) with all the wild life around there are so many gross things for the dog to eat. Being pregnant and finding your dog munching away on a dead bird/horse shit/rotten fish and other goodies, isn’t such a great combo… 

Usually I bring my phone to take pictures (not of the dogs feast mind you), as the sky, the sea and life around here looks different every morning. 

These are from our walk this morning. 

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