Interview with Zero Waste Queen Bea Johnson

I have been sniffing around Zero Waste for a year now. Making a few changes, becoming more and more aware of how I shop, run the household, run my business and what changes can we make. But actually the first step for us, was becoming mindful of how much we actually waste. This meant that we started to recycle EVERYTHING we possibly could. 

It is crazy the amount we were throwing away - and now taking to the recycling station. Before one tiny garbage bag at a time didn't seem like is was all that much. After putting in the time and effort to see the amount of trash we generated, well it really brought our attention to our waste. It fueled this journey for us even further. 

Some think it is wildly cool, others focus more on all that we are NOT doing. Even more people just think we are way off on a hippie granola woo woo train. And hey so am I - it's a process, it takes a lot longer than I thought to change our habits, but also how hard it is in a society that isn't geared to waste less.

One thought though, I can't agree that caring for our environment is solely a hippie thang... We can all take different actions.

I will be blogging a lot about our journey toward less waste. Our first steps and also the frustrations e.g. when we can't find veg that isn't wrapped in plastic etc. 

It won't be a share to make anyone feel guilty, I am sick of judging, and I know that pointing fingers rarely does anything other than piss people off. I do however hope that some of this may inspire others to what they could do in their home to create less waste and take care of our precious planet. 

Before I get into my journey, I want to share an interview I did with the woman who inspired me- Please meet Be a Johnson the author of "Zero Waste Home", she a first mover and front runner of inspiring people to a zero waste life style. 

She shares her 5 R's and how you can begin to take action today. 

I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom.