Holistic Survival with Luke McLaughlin, Episode #9

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I was so excited to interview Luke, and now get to share it with you. The way he shares his knowledge and skills is super inspiring. His love for this Earth poors through the screen.

His mission is close to mine and I feel honored to ham him on the show. The work speaks to our cells and hands more than the modern ways of comfort. But it is a language more and more are beginning to speak and learn.

Listen in on our down to Earth talk about earth based skills, survival in a modern World and what it means to live close to the nature of being human.

Also get is fire starting record… you may want to take the challenge. ;)

About Luke:

Luke McLaughln is a naturalist, teacher, rewilder, mentor, survivalist, and founder of Holistic Survival School. Luke has committed his life to mastering and teaching ancestral and indigenous living skills in order to help people find their balance and connection to the Natural World.  Luke learned his skills working at a primitive wilderness therapy program in the West Desert of Utah.  With over 500 days on the trail, Luke has mentored hundreds of people in the wilderness and learned how Earth skills teach us vital life lessons. Furthermore, Luke has witnessed first hand how nature connection helps bring about growth, health, and vitality to everyone’s life.

Luke combines humor, knowledge, and patience to create an easy-going, yet informative experience. He is dedicated to meeting people where they are at, with love and compassion in order to help foster a new (actually old) way of being human. 

Go follow Luke and his work here:

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