This week I went to an amazing concert with Grant Lee Buffalo. It has been ages since my partner and I have been to a gig. Music has always been a really big part of my life and our relationship. Becoming a mom of course slowed things down a bit, very naturally - anything going on after 9pm has been pretty non-existing... But even before my daughter was born, I started to stay in more, didn't really enjoy being social, couldn't stand noise, crowds etc. As the stress level in my life rose, and anxiety attacks joined the game - I closed me up. I have been so scared of dying, that I stopped living freely.

My meditation practice has been a great part of me opening myself up to life again. And it feels amazing. Standing there listening to amazing music, having a beer, standing close to the man I love, Grant Lee Phillips all of the sudden asked the crowd "Are you affraid of life". I could honestly say that at that moment in time I was truely not. And for the first time in ages I truely mean it.

Enjoy a little "FUZZY".