Day 4: What I listen to...

I dig podcasts. I used to do my own show. Thinking that I may start a new show someday. When I jump in my sanctuary - MY CAR - podcasts educate me, teach me stuff and tell me stories from far away places. I’ll just rest here for a moment, because I do find myself volunteering to drive anywhere and everywhere these days. I love driving on my own and it is a place where I truly have a second to myself. And I’m ok with that.

Do you know the feeling? 

I’ve been a mom now for nearly 8 years, and in those years my concentration level has gone down the drain. Reading happens in bite size portions and books like to spread themselves over several years… so I really get value for money. Podcasts offer a great in between.

When I get in my car and flutter open my ears, my blood pressure drops and I feel relaxed. This can’t happen with the kids on a drive along. They booooh me until sweet music fills ‘er up. 

So what podcasts do I enjoy. HA. I was thinking maybe saving this for the guilty pleasure post, but I have enough material for that one too. So here it goes. 

My 3 go to podcasts. 

Woolful… A knitting podcast, but so much more. A lot of episodes about people who work with sheep. I’m crying laughing as I read this because it sounds so fucking strange. But it is such an inspiring podcast. Instant calm and inspired for how I want to live my everyday life. 

Love, sex, desire… The more I work with women and myself, the more I feel intrigued to learn more about my own sexuality and pleasure. Susana interviews a lot of cool people, although most of them are in Australia. Am searching for similar podcast with teachers closer to DK. I ask for a host that doesn’t get too kittenish, I know that would be a problem for me. Suggestions? 

Living Homegrown… When we left the city and moved out here this self sufficient business was a big motivation factor. And we are well on our way. We have learned a lot from our mistakes and this year pretty on top of the plan. Theresa brings on guests from around the World and also people who are farming etc. in the North, which is relevant to us. Any anxiety about the World, War or Trump fades away when I listen to this podcast. ;)  

So I know if any my friends are reading this they are screaming that I need help. I would love your inspiration. Which podcasts do you listen to? 

And prefer the ones that dive into nature, women’s health, homesteading, sex. 

Hit me. <3

Prompt for January 5th: What she says...