[Day 29] Dear me...

Letters Play Important Roles in our Lives

So we are at the day before the end, or the beginning. We started with the question what does being mindful mean to you? What qualities does that bring to your life?

Today I would like you to look at what this focus, this commitment has brought to you this past month. What are you taking with you? What is important for you to remember or remind yourself of further down the line? But not blogging about it for me/us to read (of course you can if you want to share that).

I always do this exercise at the end of a course or a longer 1:1 program. I would like to you to write a letter to future you. Reflect on the questions above. Close your eyes and recall what has touched you, what were you reconnected with, what challenged you, what are you afraid you might forget?

Write a letter with everything you want to tell yourself.

This site http://www.futureme.org is awesome. You write yourself a letter, select a date in the future and it will send it to you. I would advise you to select a date a few months away. Maybe even a year from now. If you now a better site please use that.

Looking forward to sharing one last day with you all.