[Day 27] Sit... again

Mindful Ground mindfulness meditation

Haven't we done that already? Well yes but I would like to bring in some formal meditation again. It is an important part of a mindfulness practice. Is it a time where you have decided and commit to being with yourself and what arises as you sit or lay down. Reflections, time, writing, resistance, confusion, wanting more of the good stuff can bring you to your head a lot.

Today we are bringing awareness back to the present moment, to what is happening right now. I would also like for you to notice if getting yourself to sit has become easier, harder, the same throughout this challenge? Do you feel more motivated?

A long time ago when I did my first training, I felt that the more I meditated, read about meditation, went on retreats, the less I knew. At one point I said to my teacher "I don't think I know what mindfulness is", her reply was "Well, now you are ready to teach". I don't know that I was, but the point is that Mindfulness is a billion different things. Awareness of what is shines a light on whatever experience is there. You can sit 1000 times, and the next time is like none of the other. What is it like for you to sit this time?

You can go back to Day 3 for link, instructions or as I know many of you already have guides etc. that you use.

Mindfulness meditation


Sit for 20 minutes. What comes up when you read 20 minutes? Can you take that time for yourself? Are there many reasons why you can't? How about reasons why you CAN?

Now write a post or grab your journal and write about your reflections, experience and share your story.

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